Printing Tips

*New* CTS has implemented Webprinting and Print Kiosk programs. Please see the CTS Knowledge Base for details on how to use these.

In fall 2008, Campus Technology Services (CTS), in cooperation with the Purchase Student Government Association (PSGA), instituted a Print Management system for public printers on campus. The goal of the system is to reduce the financial and environmental impact of printing activity.

All currently enrolled students receive a per semester print allocation, with any remaining balance carried forward in their account.

CTS has made changes to the printing allocation program (starting fall 2013) to prorate the print balance increase based on the number of credits a student is taking.

If a student is listed as fully matriculated, he/she receives the full $20 per semester.
If a student is not fully matriculated, he/she receives
 a free $2 and then $1.50 per credit up to 20.

CTS has installed duplexers with lower rates that allow you to stretch that allocation to approximately 1000 b/w double sided pages (starting with a $20 balance) for each semester.

When you log onto a computer you will receive a pop-up dialog box showing your print balance. The dialog box includes a link (“Details…”) that you can use to review your print history and its environmental impact at any time. When you send something to the printer you will receive a confirmation dialog box showing what the print job will cost, and you must confirm to continue.

To make the system more forgiving - and to accommodate emergencies, the system also allows each student another $10 in overdraft printing (another 200 pages) to cover emergency needs like an assignment that must be printed Sunday at midnight when offices are closed.

Printing Tips

Below are some helpful tips you can use to maximize your print allocation, reduce your cost, and reduce your environmental impact.

Use black & white unless color is specifically needed. B/W pages cost $0.05 per page (or as little as $0.03 for double-sided) while the rate for color is $0.35 per page. If you have a 15-page paper you have written that is mostly text - but has a photo or graphic on page 6 that you want printed in color - print page 6-7 on the color printer and send the rest of it (the test part) to a b/w printer. If you send the whole job to the color printer it will cost you $5.60. but if you send pages 1-5 and 8-16 to the b/w printer and page 6-7 to the color printer, that same job will only cost you $1.12 ($0.42 for the 14 b/w pages and $0.70 for the two color pages).

All public CTS printers are set to duplex printing by default. You can change that setting to single-sided printing when you submit a print job, but that will cost you more.  

Print only what you actually need to print. If your instructor posts a 112-page excerpt to Blackboard/Moodle and asks you to read pages 40-60, only print those pages. 

Choose your Font Carefully

You can actually cut ink/toner use just by choosing the right font. One recent study estimates that you can use up to 31% less ink just by picking the right font (Century Gothic uses 31% less ink/toner than Arial.) See the full article.

Print Multiple pages of your document on each sheet of paper 

Print multiple pages of a document on a single sheet of paper. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint all allow you to do this easily. 

Microsoft Word

To print several pages per side:

  • On the File menu, click Print.
  • Under Zoom, click the option you want in the "Pages per sheet" drop down menu to select the number of pages you want to print on each side of the sheet.

To selectively print certain pages

  • Choose File/Print
  • in the print dialog box, enter the range of pages you want to print "12-16"
  • you can enter multiple page ranges by separating each range by a comma, as in "12-16, 19-20, 22, 30-36"
  • use this strategy to selectively print pages to color or black and white printers.

Microsoft PowerPoint

To print several slides per page:

  • Under the file menu, choose print and then print preview
  • Click the options button, and then choose the scale to fit paper option
  • Click print, and then click the properties button.
  • Under the multiple page dropdown arrow, you can choose to place 2 slides on 1 page, 4 slides on 1 page, etc.

Microsoft Excel

To print several sheet on one page:

  • On the Page Layout tab, choose the Print Area option and highlight the area you wish to print.
  • Under the file menu, choose print and then print preview.
  • Click page setup, and then under scaling choose fit to 1 page wide by 1 page tall.
  • Click print, and then click the properties button.
  • Under the multiple page dropdown arrow, you can choose to place 2 pages on 1, 4 pages on 1, etc.