CTS is pleased to introduce, a Social Networking site for the Purchase community. Planet Purchase is a Wiki and Blog tool - a Wiki is a Web site that allows visitors to add to or edit pages, or create their own personal spaces. Each space has a Blog (called “news”) associated with it. If you create a personal space, you can limit editing rights.  The software also makes it simple to create RSS feeds for any content that you create there.

What’s on Planet Purchase? Right now there are only a few basic spaces there – classifieds, and a how-to guide.  You can contribute to any existing page, browse the classifieds, post your own ads, set up your own page, your own Blog, a page for your Club or organization, etc.

By creating our own Think Wide Open sandbox we hope to inspire the creative instincts of the Purchase community and to foster new channels for communication and engagement.  It’s your planet, what do you want to do with it?

Http:// is available to anyone with a Purchase College UserID and password (but not to the general public - what happens on Planet Purchase stays on Planet Purchase.)

Please note that the system does not allow anonymous access, all contributions are tracked and visible to all members of the Purchase community.


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