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CTS provides assistance and support for most technology issues students, faculty, and staff may encounter.  We help students get Internet access in their dorms and apartments, and we provide remote and on-site assistance for Purchase College owned computers, printers, software, systems, and networks. 

How do I connect to Internet from my dorm room and from the academic buildings?

Purchase College provides a reliable Internet connection.  To ensure the operational stability of the campus network, the requirements listed below must be met.  You will need to register your computer at https://connect.purchase.edu.   

The basic requirements are:

•  Up-to-date Antivirus program *
•  Up-to-date Operating System

•  Up-to-date Antivirus program. **
•  Up-to-date Operating System.

 *CTS suggests Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows.
** CTS suggests ClamXav for Mac.

 Both Antivirus programs are free!  Just visit www.purchase.edu/downloads.

Can I use my gaming console on campus?

Yes!  To register your console for Internet access, please visit https://connect.purchase.edu.

Where can I get wireless Internet access?

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available in all academic buildings and the Library.  The following dorms also have Wi-Fi:  Fort Awesome, Outback, Commons and the Olde.  All other dorms are equipped with wired Internet access only. 

CTS and the College are working toward providing high-quality managed Wi-Fi in all campus residential areas.  In the interim, CTS has a limited number of inexpensive Wi-Fi hotspots available for long term loan that can be used in residential areas.  You can also bring your own Wi-Fi hotspot (see recommendations below).  Please be aware that CTS allows such Wi-Fi devices to be connected to the network ONLY in a dorm room or apartment.

Do you support wireless routers?

Yes.  Our general recommendation is to configure devices as Routers and NOT as Wireless Access Points.

The routers listed below have been tested and work well on our network.  While we cannot guarantee these models will always work under all conditions, we have documentation available regarding setup and configuration that will be helpful. Limiting the variety of WiFi hotspots in use will make the process of providing CTS support simpler (since we are already familiar with these WiFi devices.) You can purchase any router and we will work with you to get it set up on our network – but we cannot guarantee success beyond these three models.

TP-LINK TL-WR702N Wireless N150 Travel Router – These routers are available at the Purchase College Bookstore or on Newegg.com.  TP Link.jpg

Belkin N150 SKU: F9K1001 – Available at most electronic stores. Wireless 802.11N router.





Securifi Almond Touch Screen Wireless N Router + Range Extender – Available on NewEgg.com. Configured via touchscreen and easy to setup.


A limited number of TP-Link N150 Travel Routers are available for long term loan by submitting a Work Order at: www.purchase.edu/wot/cts.

Please be aware that if you live in Outback, Fort Awesome, the Commons Apartments, or the Olde Apartments, your residence complex already has Wi-Fi access points and a router will not be needed.

Scope of Support:  We will provide a good-faith effort to help clients regardless of which router they have. We cannot guarantee that any router will work correctly on our network.

What kind of computers should I get for college?

Both Apple and Windows computers are supported on Campus.  Consult your academic department regarding specific requirements.

Can CTS fix my computer?

CTS will provide a good faith effort to assist in helping your computer to connect to our network.  As a courtesy, we can diagnose most software and hardware related issues.  You are responsible for backing up your own data.  We advise you to back up your data on a regular basis.  Please note that CTS is not responsible for data loss, backups, or recovery of your computer workstation.  

Does the College provide free or discounted software?

Yes!  Purchase College offers software through a vendor at a discounted rate.  We also encourage students to check out their nearest computer lab which includes a plethora of software at their disposal.  For more information, just visit www.purchase.edu/downloads.

How can I activate my email account or reset my password?

You can activate your account or reset your password at www.purchase.edu/activate.  Please note that your Purchase College login credentials will never expire.  However, once you leave the College, the email mailbox will be deactivated 18 months after your last course registration. 

Can I get Purchase email on my smart phone?

Yes!  Detailed instructions can be found on the CTS Knowledge Base .

How many computer labs are on campus?DMZ LAB.jpg

CTS manages and operates 65 computer labs and 84 smart classrooms on campus, and provides an extensive pool of media and computing equipment to support student and faculty academic activities and projects.  The labs are general purpose computer media labs (both Apple and Windows environments) and we have a wide variety of software available for use.  There are also a large number of smaller discipline-specific labs throughout the campus. For more information go to: www.purchase.edu/labs.

Where can I save my work when I am using a lab computer?

Do not save your work to public lab computers!  It is recommended that you save work to your Home Directory or a USB drive.  You may also email your work to yourself.  You can register for a 20 GB Home Directory at www.purchase.edu/filespace.  Please remember to log off public lab computers when you are finished using them.

Can I print on campus?

Yes! There are both color and black & white printers located in the Library DMZ area and other computer labs. Each registered fully matriculated student receives a $20 print credit per semester.  At $0.05 per B/W page, that's 400 printed pages.  There is an additional discount for duplex printing (both sides of the page).  See a full description of the print management policy at: www.purchase.edu/print.  CTS has built a new large-scale 3D printer for use by students.  The new 3D printer has a 12” x 16” x 12” build area, and there are a variety of colors of PLA filament available.  3D prints can be charged against your print allocation.  The 3D printer is located in the Helpdesk Service center (Social Sciences room 0025), and is adjacent to the 48” photo-quality Epson 9900 plotter – which is also available for student use.

Does CTS loan audio-visual equipment to students?Nikon D90.jpg

Yes!  The College offers a large pool of media equipment loans through CTS, giving students the unique opportunity to borrow a variety of quality audio visual equipment.  

Below is a partial list of equipment available:

iPads, Video Cameras, Tripods, Light Kits, Audio Recorders, Projectors, Microphones, Still Cameras, Monitors. 

A full list and guidelines can be found at: www.purchase.edu/equipment.

Does CTS hire students?

 Yes!  CTS student employees should display ….
• genuine interest in and knowledge of computers and technology
• strong verbal and written communication skills
• positive attitude and excellent customer service skills
• ability to work collegially and effectively in a team environment

To request an application, stop by CTS.  Most hiring occurs at the beginning of each semester, so we encourage you to apply early.
What if I have an issue that’s not on this FAQ?

The CTS Knowledge Base offers detailed answers to additional questions. 

A request can be made through the Work Order Tracking (WOT) system at: www.purchase.edu/wot/cts.

CTS contact information:
Phone:  914-251-6465
Web: www.purchase.edu/cts
Walk-in: Room SS0025 (basement of the Social Sciences building)