Faculty and Staff Computing Services

Purchase College E-mail

Each faculty and staff member is assigned an e-mail account.  You can use your e-mail account from any computer with an Internet connection and a standard Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) by going to http://www.purchase.edu and following the e-mail link at the bottom of the page.  From your campus desktop, you will be provided with Microsoft Outlook, a full-featured mail/calendar/task application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. 

Your E-mail account:

  • Is used for official communications to and from the College and students
  • Provides access to Campus Portal Web applications (grades, class lists, etc.)
  • Provides access to online Library resources and reserved readings
  • Provides access to the Purchase Moodle system

All Purchase College e-mail distribution lists can be used from any e-mail account, on or off campus using the format List.Name@purchase.edu.

CTS automatically creates an e-mail distribution list for each class each semester, with the faculty member as the list manager. Three semesters worth of lists are available: past, present, and future.

You need to email the list in question from your Purchase email account only. Any other account will not work.

The new Banner system introduces changes in the term format, the course numbering format, and eliminates section numbers.  The format for summer 2014 classes and beyond is YYYY-TERM-Subject-Code-CRN@purchase.edu or for example 2014-40-WRl1105-40115@purchase.edu.  Faculty do not have to create their own lists.

(Banner Term codes are 20=Summer, 40=Fall, 55=Winter, 60=Spring)

Each faculty advisor also has a distribution list containing all of their advisees in the format advisor.FirstName.LastName@purchase.edu.  In the global address list, the format is (advisor.FirstName.LastName). 

If you are the owner of a list (i.e. you are the head of a Board of Study) there is also a list containing all of your majors (i.e. hum.faculty.womens-studies@purchase.edu )

There is a faculty listserve Faculty.Discuss@purchase.edu open to all faculty members. This list is moderated by the Faculty at Large President.

Purchase College provides extensive anti-virus and anti-spam filters for all of its mail services.  Viruses are stripped out of messages and quarantined before the message lands in your mailbox.  For Spam, the campus uses Barracuda Spam Filter to detect possible spam and prevent it from reaching your mailbox.  See the Barracuda Spam Filter Guide on the CTS Knowledge Base for more information.  

The College has a Microsoft Campus Agreement that provides MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook Email, PowerPoint, and Access Database) for all faculty and staff office machines. The license also covers Operating System upgrades and Client Access Licenses (CALs) for SQL-Server, Exchange, and other Microsoft products.  Microsoft Visual Studio, Front Page and various other packages are also included.  The license covers all College-owned machines, including computer labs.

The College provides Microsoft Office work-at-home licenses for all faculty and staff personally owned home computers. The software is free, but must be ordered on media or download from e-Academy.  For further information, please visit the Downloads  page.

The College provides Anti-Virus and other security minded software for all faculty and staff personally owned home computers. Please visit the Downloads page.

CTS publishes a variety of “how-to” quick guides for common software issues on the web at the CTS Knowledge Base..

Support Services - CTS Helpdesk Service Center
The Campus Technology Services (CTS) Helpdesk provides telephone and on-site support services for network access and standard applications. Location is Social Sciences basement room 0025.

The Helpdesk can be reached at (914) 251-6465, by emailing helpdesk@purchase.edu or by submitting an online request through the CTS Work Order System.

The Helpdesk uses Remote Assistance to troubleshoot and resolve most problems. This feature allows them to connect to your College-owned desktop without having to arrange an appointment and travel to your office. The Helpdesk staff strives to provide responsive on-the-spot or same-day service for faculty and staff computing issues whenever possible.

College-owned computers are provided for most faculty, and are running Windows 7 or the latest Mac OS in most cases.  Faculty and staff receive “User” access to these machines that allows them to run any application on the machines, but does not allow the installation of software or changes to system settings.  If you want to install software on your College-owned machine, it must be legally purchased or licensed, and the Helpdesk will be happy to install it for you.

All College-owned machines receive automatic anti-virus and OS patches through a central Windows Update server and a Systems Center server.  These services help to ensure the security and reliability of your campus-owned computer, and of the campus’s network environment overall.

Administrative Computing Services for Faculty

The Purchase College home page (http://home.purchase.edu) contains links to the Master Calendar of Events, important Announcements, and links to the Employee Services site.
The Portal Page is where self-service Web applications such as the class list, grades, and other applications reside.

Committees @ Purchase

  • Administrative Computing Committee
  • Budget Planning Committee
  • Educational Policies Committee  
  • Enrollment Management Implementation Team (EMIT)
  • Enrollment Services Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Professional Council
  • Purchase College Council
  • Purchase College Faculty at Large
  • Purchase College Senate
  • Retention Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Instructional Technology Advisory Committee
  • Campus Life Committee

Faculty Applications and Forms

  • Class List - View your classes and student lists with grades
    • Faculty Forms - Guides and forms
      • Academic Integrity Committee Forms
      • First Academic Integrity Committee Notice
      • Second Academic Integrity Committee Resolution 
      • Academic Integrity Committee Faculty Guide 
      • Grid Proposal
      • Grid information
        • Other Forms 
      • Degree Requirements - Print Track Sheets/Graduation Applications 
  • Faculty Conference Form
  • Faculty Research Form
  • Tally - View course enrollments.
  • Advisor Transcript - View your advisees' transcripts.
  • Retention Alert- Retention e-mail for students planning to withdraw.
  • Grades Maintenance  - Submit student's grades.
  • Course Communication Maintenance  - Submit Midterm Warnings.
  • Course Information Search - Search the course schedule.

CTS has also developed a self-service Web Survey Tool called SelectSurvey for campus use.  This application has been used for faculty and staff elections, surveys, and for student opinion surveys.  The survey tool can be used anonymously, or with authenticated responses (users log on with their Purchase College User ID and Password).  For information on using the Web Survey tool, visit the Campus Portal page.

Campus Networking

Purchase College provides high-speed network access in dorms, and wireless Ethernet in many areas of campus.  Wireless network access is already available in the academic and administrative areas of the campus.  Please see the ResNet and Wireless pages for more information.

Remote Access and Telecommuting 

The Purchase College e-mail system is Web-based, so you can access your e-mail from any computer with a Web browser and Internet access – on or off campus. The system works with Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, Firefox, Chrome or any other standard Web browser (AOL subscribers should use IE or Firefox since the AOL Browser does not work properly).

All Purchase College e-mail distribution lists (i.e. for each class, major, advisor, or other cohort) are available from on or off campus using the format List.Name@purchase.edu.

All of the Web-based self-service applications for faculty and staff that appear on the Portal Page are available from both on or off campus through any standard Web browser.  You can check your class list, your enrollment tally, grade your students, and view an advising transcript from any computer with a Web browser.

Purchase also has a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service available for faculty and staff whereby you can connect to your office computer from off-campus. The VPN service connects your remote computer to the campus network through a secure encrypted connection, and provides access to College servers, printers, and other network resources.  If you wish to use the VPN, call the CTS Helpdesk at 914-251-6465 or log into the CTS Work Order System.

Residential Network Services

Purchase College residents with computers have to register their PCs, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and other devices. Residents must identify themselves using their PC UserID, and to have up-to-date anti-virus and operating system patches.

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center- Purchase Moodle 

CTS administers the Purchase Moodle servers for the Library, where the Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLTC) is located.  The TLTC department provides extensive support for faculty and staff using these programs.

Technology Enhanced Classrooms and Computer Labs

CTS administers the technology enhanced or "smart" classrooms spread throughout the campus, and arranges and schedules portable equipment deliveries for classroom use. CTS also runs the public computer labs.  Please see the Labs and Classroom pages for further information.