Downloads and Links

Here you will find links to popular software that will keep your computer up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates as well as information on purchasing personal computers.

Discount Software:

*New* Free Microsoft Office- Cloud based Office 365 available from the Microsoft Campus Agreement as a download for all Faculty, Staff, and Students

OnTheHub - Academic Software Discounts for Faculty, Staff, and Students

The College also has an agreement with Logisoft to not only provide Adobe and Microsoft products for institutional purchases, but also for personal purchases by students, faculty, or staff.  Please visit their website at

Discounts on HP Personal Purchases for Faculty and Staff:

Once you go to the site,, you just need to create an account.  You have to use your Purchase email for the email address (the .edu address tells them you work for the College, and are eligible for the discount) but the password does not have to be the same as your email password.

If you are using the online checkout, use company code: EP17422.  HP Customer service phone number is 888-999-4747.

See HP Offers for the latest discounts from HP. 

Discounts on Apple Personal Purchases for Faculty and Staff:

Faculty/Staff and Students can all receive a education discount on their Apple hardware purchases. The discount is not a certain percentage, but different dollar amounts based on the system. So the discount scan range from $20-$100 or more.

Please go to this link to place an order:  Search for Purchase College by zip code 10577.

Anti-virus programs:

Microsoft Security Essentials

ClamXav for Mac OS

Avira for Mac OS


Operating System Updates:

Microsoft Windows Update

Apple Mac OS X