Technology Enhanced Classrooms

CTS manages and operates the technology-enhanced "smart" classrooms that are located throughout the campus.

LI0001 Smartroom small.jpg

(above: the upgraded Library Smart Classroom)

CTS works closely with the faculty Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) to build and upgrade technology enhanced classrooms in an effort to make all classrooms technology enhanced rooms.  Most of these rooms are equipped with a podium, computer, data projector, wireless Ethernet, and a TV/DVD/VCR, and a telephone hotline for support services. 

Please note that the newest classrooms (LI1015A, B, C, SS1003, SS1004, NS1059) contain DVD players, but not VCRs.

The following is a list of the Technology Enhanced Classrooms as of spring 2015:

AD1001   Administration Building Buffer Room
DA1041A Dance Classroom
RX0126    Fort Awesome Classroom
RY0135    Fort Awesome Classroom
RY0136    Fort Awesome Classroom
RY0137    Fort Awesome Classroom
RY0138    Fort Awesome Classroom
RY0142    Fort Awesome Classroom
HU1064   Humanities Lecture Hall (offline)
HU1070   Humanities Classroom (offline)
HU1073   Humanities Classroom (offline)
HU1077   Humanities Classroom (offline)  
HU2045   Humanities Classroom (offline)  
HU2062   Humanities Classroom (offline)  
HU2066   Humanities Computer Lab (offline)  
HU2073   Humanities Classroom (offline)  
LI0001     Library Classroom  
LI0012     Library Classroom 
LI0014     Library Classroom
LI1004B   Library Mac Lab  
LI1004C   Library Lab  
LI1004D   Library Lab  
LI1014     Library Classroom 
LI1015A   DMZ Media Lab 1
LI1015B   DMZ Media Lab 2
LI1015C   DMZ Media Lab 3
LI1015D   DMZ Audio Lab 1
LI1015E   DMZ Audio Lab 2
MU1002   Music Choral Hall   
MU0001   Music Classroom 
MU0037   Film Classroom
MU0039   Film Classroom  
ST0129    Student Services Multi Purpose Room 
NS1001   Natural Sciences Lecture Hall  
NS1013   New Media Lab  
NS1029   Natural Sciences Classroom
NS1030   Natural Sciences Classroom
NS1059   Natural Sciences Classroom  
NS1063   Planetarium Lab  
NS2001   Natural Sciences Classroom  
NS2027   Natural Sciences Classroom
NS3001   Natural Sciences Classroom
NS3052   Natural Sciences Classroom 
NS3053   Natural Sciences Classroom
SS0025   Social Sciences Computer Lab 
SS1001   Social Sciences Lecture Hall  
SS1002   Social Sciences Classroom  
SS1003   Social Sciences Classroom   
SS1004   Social Sciences Classroom  
SS1006   Social Sciences Classroom   
SS1038   Social Sciences Classroom  
SS1039   Social Sciences Classroom  
VA0031   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1015   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1016   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1017   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1018A Art+Design Classroom  
VA1018B Art+Design Classroom  
VA1018C Art+Design Classroom  
VA1021   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1024   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1025   Art+Design Classroom  
VA1026A Art+Design Classroom
VA1031A Art+Design Classroom
VA2011   Art+Design Classroom
VA2012   Art+Design Classroom
VA2015   Art+Design Classroom
VA2027   Art+Design Classroom (Offline)

Mobile Teaching Units (MTUs)

If your class is not scheduled to meet in one of the Technology Enhanced Classrooms listed above, or if you periodically want to use technology in class, CTS provides Mobile Teaching Units (MTUs) that can be delivered to any classroom or meeting room for occasional use.  Please note that all equipment requests must be submitted through the CTS Work Order System.

Computer Labs

CTS also manages and operates the general purpose Computer Labs that are located in the Library, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities buildings.


CTS has a portable Tandberg H.323 IP Videoconferencing unit that can be used to connect to up to four simultaneous locations. This unit is ideal for conference room or seminar-style classes.  Please note that all equipment requests must be submitted through the CTS Work Order System.

We can also help you to bring a single "Expert" guest into your class remotely using Skype video calling, a low-end IP-telephone/videoconferencing system that can be used by anyone with a webcam and an Internet connection.  Don't have a webcam?  We can loan you one.


CTS has a Vbrik real-time video encoder and a streaming video server that can be used to broadcast a performance or event live on the Internet. Beginning September 2007 College Council meetings will be webcast and archived for future viewing. If you are interested in webcasting your event so that others outside of the College can see it, we can provide the cameras, technicians and services to make it happen for you.  

* Please note that all equipment requests must be submitted through the CTS Work Order System at least 1 week in advance.  Charges may apply for certain equipment and events.  Please understand we may not be able to fill all requests due to time constraints, equipment availability, and scheduling.  However, we will always do our best to accommodate you.  If you need to speak to someone, please call CTS at 914-251-6465 M-F between 8:30 am and 4:45 pm.

The current PurchaseGuest WiFI password is LoneStar1995


Current CTS Hours

As of May 13th:

Mon-Fri 8am-4:45pm

Room SS0025
(basement of Social Sciences Bldg)
Tel (914) 251-6465

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