Broadcast Email Policy

CTS Releases New Self-Service Broadcast Email Messaging System
As you may have noticed, since April 2011 many of your broadcast messages have been appearing in an attractive new format with special templates designed for your offices.

CTS is pleased to announce that our new self-service web-based Broadcast Email system is ready for use. Deans/Directors/Chairs may begin to receive notices from the system asking for Broadcast Approval for message requests that originated from your area. Those notices include a link to the BEM dashboard where messages can be approved. 
The Broadcast Email System (BEM) can be reached under the Campus Resources tab on the campus portal at
What is the Broadcast Email and Newsletter (BEM) System?
The Broadcast Email and Newsletter (BEM) System is a self-service web based system for creation, workflow approval, and distribution of campus-wide (Faculty, Staff, Students) HTML-email notices.
BEM can be used to generate attractive email messages in a variety of general or department-specific templates.
All campus-wide broadcast messages (Faculty, Staff, Students, or Alumni) broadcast messages must use the BEM system – and require workflow approval. The workflow for approving these messages remains the same as it is now – your director and your sector officer must approve the message before it is released.
You may also use BEM for any other messages you want to send to individuals or groups (on campus or off) that you want to send attractive messages to using the BEM Templates – it is not limited to broadcast groups (all students, faculty, or staff) – you can use it for any messages to any individuals or groups - on campus or off. 

Broadcast Messages and Broadcast Newsletters
The BEM system contains two types of broadcast requests – Messages and Newsletters.
A Broadcast Message request allows you to select a template and embed any message and/or images into that template using a WYSIWYG text/html editor.
A Broadcast Newsletter request allows you to select events from the College’s Master Calendar for a date range that you select (up to 90 days) – and pulls the images and description of that event into a newsletter format you can use to publicize your events. The Broadcast Newsletter also includes an “Editor’s Note” section that appears above the events list where you can place text and or images describing the newsletter or the events it contains. 

Rich Media HTML Messages and Attachments
The BEM system allows you to include images and attachments in your message. Images can be embedded in the message or included as attachments. Images and attachments are stored on the server to keep the message size small and efficient. Attachments and images are retrieved when the recipient opens the message and/or attachments.
The WYSIWYG editor allows you to embed pictures, links, and other rich media content in your message without having to know HTML.
BEM contains a number of HTML templates or wrappers for your message. Some templates are generic campus-wide templates, others are specific to one college unit. Your unit may already have a template – there are already over 50 in the system. Additional templates can be added upon request, or a new version of a template can replace an older one.  If you need assistance with templates, please contact Communications and Creative Services at
Any member of the campus community can prepare and submit a broadcast message request.
If a broadcast request is directed at a group the creator has rights to send to – or to off-campus addresses - then no workflow approval is required, and the message is queued for transmission.
If a broadcast request is directed at a campus-wide constituency (Students, Faculty, Staff) then it requires supervisor/officer workflow approval.
In those cases where workflow approval is required, an email notification is sent to the appropriate supervisor, and a “pending approval” entry appears on their dashboard. It also appears on the creator’s dashboard so they can track it.
Supervisors can review and edit the contents of the broadcast message from their dashboard before approving it, or return it to the creator for modification. Once the message is approved by the supervisor and/or College Officer, it is placed in a queue for transmission.
Releasing Messages, and Setting  Messages for Future Release on a Specific Date:
Each half-hour a batch process releases broadcast messages that are approved and whose Release date has arrived.
You can also prepare messages and get them queued and approved well in advance by setting the “Release Date” and “Release Time” to a future date/time.
If you are a Director/Chair/Officer and you want to delegate handling of these messages to your assistant, the BEM system contains a Delegate function for you to do that. You can also assign a Delegate to act on your behalf if you are going away on vacation or will be away for any reason.
Try it!
There is a step-by-step PDF “User Guide” detailing these functions and features in more detail: BEM User Guide.
For Help:
For assistance with the application itself, your “Send As” rights, and other technical issues, contact CTS via telephone at 914-251-6465 or through the CTS Work Order System.
For assistance with template design issues, contact Communications and Creative Services at .