Connecting through Bradford Network Access Control

Bradford Network Access Control (NAC)

In order to access the Purchase College campus network, you will need to register your computer and pass the Bradford Network Access Control inspection process. 

Please see our Knowledge Base for a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding connecting to the network using the Bradford Network Access Control system.  Login using your Purchase credentials (e.g. john.doe) and email password.  The document is located under the ResNet Support category.

Keeping your system updated reduces the impact of virus, worm, and denial-of-service attacks that can disrupt a campus network and also reduces the likelihood that you will fall victim to Spyware, phishing, pharming, and identity theft. The most effective way to protect yourself - and the College Community - is to keep your operating system and your anti-virus software up to date. Vendors release regular security patches for their software to close vulnerabilities as they are discovered. We strongly recommend that you maintain your protection by enabling automatic updates in your Windows or Mac operating system and your anti-virus software.

The Network Access Control Registration and Inspection Process

To begin the process, launch a Web browser. You will automatically be re-directed to a page to register your computer and prompted to download our testing agent after signing in with your Purchase email account.  Please note that Instant Messenger (IM) and other Internet applications or appliances will not work until you complete the inspection process.
If you have not already activated your email account please do so now by visiting the Portal Page.  After successfully registering your computer on the network you will be then be prompted to download and install our Network Access Control agent which is used to verify that your operating system and anti-virus software have the most recent security updates.  This application will auto-launch upon installation and ask you a 2nd time to login with your Purchase email account.

Your computer will have to pass our requirements and will be inspected at regular intervals throughout the year. If you are running automatic updates, the process will only take a few seconds. This will greatly reduce the chances your computer will be infected - and helps ensure good, consistent network performance for the entire community.
Your computer will be placed in a remediation network until it passes the validation process. While in quarantine you will have access to the tools you need to bring your operating system and/or anti-virus software up to date as well as access to Purchase College email and Student Services applications - but not the Internet or other campus servers. Your computer will remain in the remediation network until the latest updates and patches have been applied and your machine is able to pass Bradford Network Access Control inspection.  You MUST register any network device you plan to use (Xbox, Playstation, Tivo, iPhone, etc..) and can do so on the Game Registration Page.
You will receive instructions during the Network Access Control inspection process that will help you get your computer out of remediation and onto the Internet. You can also contact the CTS Helpdesk through the CTS Work Order System or by calling (914) 251-6465.


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