Counseling Center


Faculty and staff have the unique opportunity of having ongoing direct contact with students and are in the position to identify students who are struggling. Faculty and staff should determine for themselves their personal comfort levels with becoming involved with student problems. Becoming the main source of support to a troubled student sometimes can be overwhelming, frightening, and/or tiring. It is important that you know your own limitations in providing assistance to students and that you are aware of times when the best option is a referral to the Counseling Center.

If you are concerned about a student and would like help, you have several options available when contacting the Counseling Center. You can ask for a consultation where we provide information and assistance, you can refer the student directly to the Counseling Center where the student will see one of our counselors, you can ask us to contact the student on your behalf, or you can use the Student Alert Button. Five years ago the Student Alert Button was created to provide an avenue for faculty and staff to identify students that they have concerns about.  Our goal was to offer these students the support they need in order to be successful while at Purchase.  To date, the Student Alert Button has been utilized over 3000 times.

The Student Alert Button has been used for numerous reasons, a few of which are to identify students who may be struggling with emotional issues, exhibiting behavioral problems, having significant personal problems that are interfering with their academic functioning, and students who miss weeks of class at a time.

When alerts are received, the At-Risk Committee contacts the students to help identify those challenges that may be impacting their ability to succeed in school.  Students are then strongly encouraged to utilize those services that may help them address these issues.  This intervention has resulted in fewer students on probation, withdrawing, and transferring.

Please take a minute to reacquaint yourself with the Student Alert Button. It can be found on the Faculty and Staff Services web page (

Any contact that we may then have with a referred student will be kept confidential in order to protect the rights and privacy of our students. To ask for consultation or an outreach to a student, feel free to call our Center (914-251-6390).

Below are links to guides which can be helpful in providing more information about our services:

Crisis Pamphlet- Downloadable pamphlet on how to handle crises.

Referral Guide 1 - Provides information on Counseling Center services.

Referral Guide 2 - Provides information on identifying students who may benefit from a referral to the Counseling Center.

Referral Guide 3- Provides information on procedures for making an appointment with a counselor.