Michael J. Bailey, Chief of Police

UPD Logo.jpg

University Police Personnel


S. Greeley, Deputy Chief of Police

C. Markus-Jones, Inspector of Community Policing & Education/FTO

R. Caban, Investigator


D. Charles, Lieutenant/FTO

D. Daniels, Lieutenant/FTO

J. McGowan, Lieutenant/FTO

D. Tucker, Lieutenant/FTO


M. Boyd, Police Officer

W. Butler, Police Officer/FTO

C. Canero, Police Officer

G. Conti, Police Officer

J. Davis, Police Officer

P. Fullshire, Police Officer/Bike Patrol

G. Gonzalez, Police Officer/FTO

M. Leach, Police Officer

M. Miller, Police Officer

K. Racioppo, Police Officer

L. Sanchez-Alarcon, Police Officer/Bike Patrol

A. Soriano, Police Officer

J. Thompson, Police Officer

F. Vanzillotta, Police Officer

R. Williams, Police Officer/Bike Patrol Instructor/Fire Arms Instructor


M. Andujar, Communications Officer

B. Butler, Communications Officer 

T. Green, Communications Officer