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New York State University Police

Sexual Assault and the Law

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What constitutes sexual assault?

A: There are various forms of sexual assault as defined in the New York State Penal Law ranging from Sexual Misconduct, Rape and Forcible Touching. As a rule, any unwanted forcible or unwanted touching of a person's sexual parts, unwanted or non-consensual sexual relations (including being in a state which prevents an individual from actively resisting or saying "No"). Police interviews and investigation will determine which form of sexual assault has taken place.

Q: What do I do if I have been sexually assaulted on campus?

A: First and foremest: get to a safe place. Call University Police directly at 251-6911 or use an Emergency Blue Light phone.

Q: What are my rights during the disciplinary process?

A: The victim's rights:

Q: How can I protect myself?

A: Attend campus education / awareness programs. Additionally:

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