Mission Statement


The University Police Department at Purchase College is responsible for the protection of life and property and the preservation of law and order on the campus in accordance with the primary educational mission of Purchase College.


The University Police Department is a state law enforcement agency oriented to serve the needs of a diverse community of students, staff, faculty and administrators.  The Department strives to develop and maintain a positive relationship with the entire campus community in order to obtain their cooperation and support in conducting a successful law enforcement program.


The Department is committed to the fair and equal administration of law to the campus community and the citizens of the State of New York.  In an ever changing society, the campus is not a sanctuary from criminal acts nor a have for those who choose to engage in disruptive, violent and felonious conduct.


In the broadest sense, the mission of the University Police Department is to maintain and promote an atmosphere that is conducive to the educational mission of Purchase College.   Our first priority is to protect life by insuring the safety and security of those who live, work and study within the College‚Äôs physical space.   Of equal importance is our growing commitment to the protection of property, both public and private.