L.E.N.S. / License Event Notification Service Program


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Several years ago Purchase College began the implementation of the License Event Notification Service (L.E.N.S.) program. This program was created by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to serve the highway safety needs of public and private entities in New York State by:
  • Ensuring that each driver has a valid license
  • Identifying problem drivers or driving behavior quickly and
  • Improving upon safe operations
Many New York State agencies, including S.U.N.Y. are utilizing this program. The use of this program will help to ensure that anyone who drives a vehicle as a condition of employment on a full-time, part-time, or seasonal basis is properly licensed. 
Additionally, employees who drive a vehicle on a sporadic or emergency basis are also given the option to participate. All employees for whom a valid driver’s license is a requirement for employment must participate in this program. Employees who drive a vehicle sporadically or in an emergency situation are not required to participate. If an employee decides not to participate he/she will not be permitted to operate a state vehicle for any official business. This includes using a state vehicle to travel to and from meetings, conferences, admissions fairs, etc.
Participation in the program involves completing a L.E.N.S. form to submit personal information including driver’s license number, full name, date of birth, gender signature, date and a photo copy of their driver’s license. The implementation of this program is being conducted by the University Police campus-wide. 
Every employee of the campus will be required to complete a form (if a valid driver’s license is a qualification for the position), or will be given the option to complete the form (if they would like the option to use a state vehicle).

The L.E.N.S. Form is available at the U.P.D. office.  Deputy Chief Steven Greeley is the campus wide administrator of this program.  All inquiries should be directed to his attention:
Steve.Greeley@purchase.edu :  Extension 6910. 
Thank you for your cooperation in this program, which will further ensure the safety of the campus community. 

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