These phones are for Emergency use only.

Emergency Blue Light Phone Map
In addition to telephones provided in each student's room, there are 44 Emergency Blue Light Phones strategically located throughout the campus.
These Blue Light Phones are directly connected to the University Police Communications Office.
Additional sites are always being considered.
How to use the Blue Light Phones:
  • These are for EMERGENCY use only.
  • Pick up the phone and it will immediately connect you with University Police.
  • For Alumni Village phones:  press the intercom button.
  • When using the emergency phone:
  • Remain calm.
    • Speak clearly.
    • State when the emergency happened.  For example: one minute or one hour ago.
    • State the emergency; describe what is happeneing.  For example: in the PAC, the Library, the Mall.
    • How many persons are involved.
  • Try to remember as much identifying information and be as descriptive as possible.
MISUSE of the Emergency Blue Light Phones or falsely reporting an incident is a crime.