Active Shooter

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The safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is our top priority.  Numerous colleges and universities have had the unfortunate experience of active shooter incidents.  University Police takes this threat seriously and regularly trains with neighboring agencies in an active shooter response.

The campus community can help the University Police Department by reporting any person seen carrying a fire arm on campus by calling (914) 251-6911.

If there is an active shooter situation, the following actions are suggested:

1.      Run

·        Have an escape route and plan in mind

·        Leave your belongings behind

·        Evacuate regardless of whether others agree to follow

·        Help others escape, if possible

·        Do not attempt to move the wounded

·        Prevent others from entering an area where the active shooter may be

·        Keep your hands visible

·        Call 911 when you are safe


2.      Hide

·        Hide in an area out of the shooter’s view

·        Lock door or block entry to your hiding place

·        Silence your cell phone (including vibrate mode) and remain quiet


3.      Fight as a last resort and only when your life is in imminent danger

·        Attempt to incapacitate the shooter

·        Act with as much physical aggression as possible

·        Improvise weapons or throw items at the active shooter

·        Commit to your actions…your life depends on it


Keep In Mind

·        Responding Officers are trained in active shooter response

·        This may mean that they will run past you and in the direction of the shooter to stop the threat

·        The first responding officers will not stop to render aid of any kind, however, be assured that other responding officers will arrive to assist all victims

·        Once outside and away from the active shooter, some possibly safe areas to run to are:  The West Lawn (behind the PAC), Lower Gym Lot, Facilities Lot, Administrative Lot, or anywhere else that you can get to that is away from the sound of gunfire or danger