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Purchase College Association, Inc.

Campus Auxiliary Services Provider

The Purchase College Association (PCA), a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation registered by the State of New York, was founded in 1979. The mission of the PCA is to provide Purchase College students, faculty, and staff with high-quality, low-cost auxiliary services that support the academic mission. The PCA is overseen by a board of directors consisting of members drawn from students, faculty, and staff. For the most up to date information regarding our services, find us on Facebook.

For comments or questions about PCA services or edits to the website please contact  Purchase College Association Marketing:

daniel.kilkelly@purchase.edu | (914) 251-6958

Services provided or contracted by the PCA include:

Campus Card Services
Dining Services
Parking and Transportation
Purchase Bookstore
The More Store
Cable TV
Student Health Insurance
Personal Banking

Campus ID Card Services 

Your campus ID card is attached to your dining plan and Dining Dollars and gives you access to a number of other campus resources. Details on your meal plan can be found in the Dining Services section below. For details on your campus card, to add value, or to upload an ID card photo please visit our offices in Campus Center North outside of the Hub or visit our More Card Office website.

Chartwells Campus Dining Services

On campus locations include the Main Dining Hall, with all you can eat dining options; Terra Ve, an all vegetarian restaurant; the Hub food court; and Starbucks. For more information about our on campus dining facilities, or to purchase a meal plan visit the Dine On Campus website.

Purchase Bookstore

Make sure to visit the bookstore throughout the school year. Located right behind the library, the bookstore offers great rates on textbook purchases and rentals, class supplies, Panther gear, snacks, coffee and more. Visit them in person or check out the Purchase Bookstore website. You can also view the Purchase Bookstore facebook page here.

The More Store

The campus convenience store is located in Fort Awesome and accepts Dining Dollars. Stocking snack items, microwave meals, F'real milkshakes, and more, the store also carries health and beauty products and offers dry cleaning services. In addition, you'll be able to find a plastic bottle redemption machine.

The More Store is reusing /recycling plastic bags that are clean and tear free for immediate reuse for store purchases. Our goal is to reduce new plastic bag consumption through our store by at least 50% within the first two years. That would mean reducing the number of new plastic bags consumed by over 25,000.

Anyone that uses their own bag on purchases over $2.00 will receive a ten cent discount.

Have questions, comments, feedback, or suggestions? Contact us!

More Store Summer 2016 Hours  | Facebook | 914.251.4498 | joseph.smeraglino@purchase.edu

Vending Services

Every building on campus has a vending machine. Our machines are now equipped with updated readers so that they can process credit, debit, and campus ID cards. Machine ate your money? Contact Campus Card Services:

Parking & Card Office, CCN
(914) 251-6330

Cable TV

To find out our channel listings, check out our channel guide! We proudly support Purchase's own PTV available on channel 69 featuring student based programming! If you're experiencing difficulties with your cable or have questions, please contact:

pca.cable@purchase.edu | 914.251.6946

Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled full-time at Purchase College are required to have health insurance. For more information, visit the health services site. Click on the following link for instructions on how to waive the university health insurance.

Personal Banking Services

On campus we have several TD ATMs. To see where the ATMs are located, view the ATM Map.

Have questions about our site or services? Send an email to daniel.kilkelly@purchase.edu .