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Student Affairs Unit Plan Goal 2:
Improve Student Learning Through Assessment

Strategy 1- Use the data garnered by the individual SAF Assessment Plans to improve courses, services, and programs.
Measure of Success- Consistent implementation, evaluation, and communication of SAF Assessment Plans.
Action Steps-
1. Analysis and adjustment of Assessment Plans and SLO’s
2. Evaluation of Data
3. Use assessment results to improve services and student learning- “Closing the Loop”

Assessment Plan:
The following serve as the foundation of the SAF Assessment Plan:
• Student Learning Model, featuring the varied programs and services offered
• Departmental mission, goals statements and learning outcomes that align themselves with the student learning model and the unit plan
•  Listing of institution-wide student learning outcomes and their connections to Student Learning Model and individual departments

The plan is available for internal use and updating on the Student Affairs Assessment Plan Moodle Page (access via user ID and password).

Please click on these links to see a snapshot of the page: 1, 2, 3.

Distribution and Sharing:
The Division of Student Affairs seeks to be open and transparent as it pertains to our assessment data. Communication within the division is done on a yearly basis via a divisional breakfast presentation and ongoing Moodle page summaries.