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V.  The Discipline Process

D. Procedures for hearing alleged violations of all other community standards of conduct

1.  Notification of charges of violations of community standards
Campus Email Policy - Email is the College‚Äôs primary means of communication between students, faculty, and staff.  Messages regarding course information, important deadlines, missing documents, billing statements and other correspondence previously mailed to you may be sent instead to your official Purchase email account.  The College expects that such email communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.  Students are responsible for the consequences of not reading communications sent to their account in a timely manner.

2.  Initial conference
The initial conference officer or the conduct officer will schedule an initial conference and notify the accused in writing of the time and place of the meeting, which will be conducted within seven (7) working days from the date of notification. This information is included with the specification of charges. At the initial conference the charges are explained and the accused is made aware of the range of penalties as described in section IV.C.2 of this document. The accused may elect one of the following courses of action:

a. The accused student may elect not to appear. In these cases all statements contained in the specification of charges are considered true and accurate and appropriate administrative action is taken.

b. If, during the initial conference the initial conference officer deems informal mediation is appropriate or the evidence does not support the allegation, he/she may elect to administratively drop the charges or find the student not responsible.

c. The accused student may accept responsibility for the charges pending, waive his/ her right to a hearing, and agree to accept the sanction determined by the initial conference officer. By signing the initial conference summary/finding form the sanction is issued immediately.

d. The accused student may elect to have an administrative hearing. In all cases except those including charges III.A, C.1, C.2, C.3, C.4, C.8, C.9, C10, E.1, and F.3, the administrative hearing is conducted by one faculty or staff member. In cases including charges III.A, C.1, C.2, C.3, C.4, C.8, C.9, C10, E.1, and F.3, the administrative hearing is conducted by three faculty and/or staff members. The scheduled date, time, place, and charges must be communicated to the accused student with no less than two days notice.

e. The accused may request a hearing before the Hearing Committee. The hearing will be scheduled as soon as possible but with no less than two days notice of time, date, place, and charges.

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