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G. Related Administrative Policies and Documents
The following is a list of regulations which have been published by various offices of the College and shall be considered supplemental to the community standards and regulations outlined in Section III of this publication. All documents can be found in the Library, the University Police Department, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and in specified offices cited below. Violations may be handled by the appropriate administrative officer(s) and/or as described in Section IV of this document.
Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Suspension

1.  Professional Program Requirements
Alcohol Policy
3.  Residence License Agreement
4.  Guest Policy
5.  Dining Program

6.  Controlled Substance Policy
7.  Non-Discrimination
8.  Privacy Rights of Students and Families
9.  Sexual Harassment
10. Parking
11. Intramural Code of Conduct Policy
12. Policy Governing the Formation, Recognition, and Function of Student Clubs and
13. Significant Infectious Disease Policy
14. Policy on Skateboarding, Skating, and Bicycling 
15. Computer Ethics Policy

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