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C. Standards Relative to the Rights of Individuals
Respect for rights of personal safety and individual liberties are fundamental expectations in any academic community.  The College expects all students to adhere to the highest level of civility and respect regarding the integrity and rights of others in all aspects of their interpersonal relationships.  Violations of any of the standards of conduct in this section are considered serious breaches of those expectations and will be treated as such.  An offense against the rights of other individuals is committed when a person:

  1. Acts in a manner which inflicts physical harm, physical abuse, or injury to any  person.
    Minimum: Disciplinary Probation  Maximum: Expulsion
  2. Stalks any person by any means, including but not limited to physical, written,  telephonic, or electronic modes.
    Minimum: Disciplinary Probation  Maximum: Expulsion
  3. Threatens, harasses, or intimidates any person, and/or uses words which reasonably tend to incite an immediate, violent reaction and are specifically directed toward another individual (See also the College‚Äôs Affirmative Action and Sexual Harassment policies). 
    Minimum: Disciplinary Probation   Maximum: Expulsion
  4. Coerces, detains, or uses physical force in a manner which endangers the health or safety of any person.
    Minimum: Disciplinary Probation  Maximum: Expulsion
  5. Collectively or individually participates in the following practices in connection with initiation into or affiliation with any group. Violations include, but are not limited to activity which:
    a. Forces or requires participation in any physical activity.
    b. Forces, requires, or condones application of foreign substances to the body resulting in lewdness, potential for ridicule, or bodily harm. 
    c. Forces or requires participation in illegal activities.
    d. Creates excessive fatigue or stress through deprivation of privacy, sleep, or   decent edible meals.
    e. Forces or requires the consumption of any food, alcoholic beverage, drug, or any other substance.
    f. Forces or requires conduct that would embarrass or negatively affect the dignity of the individual, or the creation of situations which cause psychological or undue emotional strain.
    g. Uses brutality of any kind.
    Minimum: Disciplinary Probation  Maximum: Expulsion
  6. Engages in any behavior against a person which significantly interrupts or prevents that person from carrying out duties and responsibilities associated with his/her role as faculty, staff, or student at the College.
    Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Disciplinary Probation
  7. Engages in any behavior which significantly interrupts or prevents any person from exercising any Constitutionally guaranteed right.
    Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Disciplinary Probation
  8. Engages or attempts to engage in unwanted sexual behavior toward any individual including but not limited to such sexually specific behaviors as touching, pinching, exposing oneself, and pressing up against.
    Minimum: Disciplinary Probation  Maximum: Expulsion
  9. Engages or attempts to engage in anal, oral, or vaginal penetration if such behavior is against the will or without the consent of that person.
    Minimum: Suspension   Maximum: Expulsion
  10. Engages or attempts to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual behavior with someone who is physically helpless (e.g. drunk and/or under the influence of a substance or substances rendering them helpless), unconscious, or otherwise incapacitated or unable to accurately communicate unwillingness or to give consent to an act.
    Minimum: Suspension   Maximum: Expulsion

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