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B. Standards Relative to Personal Identification and Representation
An offense against the standards relative to personal identification and representation occurs when a person:

  1. Presents him/herself as another person with or without that person’s permission, or provides false information about him/herself or any other person.
    Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Suspension
  2. Represents the College, any registered student organization or any official College group, without official and explicit prior consent.
    Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Suspension
  3. Tampers with, falsifies or destroys any electronic or non-electronic record of the College.
    Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Expulsion
  4. Refuses to present a College ID upon request of any authorized College personnel acting within their authority.
    Minimum: Reprimand   Maximum: Disciplinary Probation

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