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Courses Offered

The following courses with an IDI prefix are offered through Student Affairs. Courses with a PED prefix are offered by the physical education program; please refer to the Athletics site for descriptions.

Other IDI-prefix courses:
Peer advising courses: Advising Center
Career development courses: Career Development Center

Description revised Fall 2016 (1/14/16):
Fundamentals of Service Learning
IDI 1100
/ 4 credits / Every semester
Offers an opportunity for students to define and explore many different aspects of service learning, including leadership, social justice and creating social change, organizational structure, building a community and community organizing, and how to get involved. Combines classroom discussion, guest lectures, and service experience to create a collaborative learning experience. Ideal for anyone interested in volunteering or pursuing a career in the nonprofit world.
Offered through the Office of Community Engagement.

Discontinued Fall 2016 (2/05/16):
Going Global: Intercultural Communication
IDI 2030
/ 2 credits / Every semester
Introduces students to the basic concepts of intercultural communication in an international context. Topics include communication styles, international cultural factors, cross-cultural adjustment, and global citizenship. Globalization is discussed in the context of international understanding, and students correspond with others abroad to enhance their insights. This course is particularly useful for students thinking about studying abroad. Grading is on a pass/no credit basis.
Offered through the Office of International Programs and Services.

Description revised Fall 2016 (1/14/16):
Fundamentals of Leadership
IDI 3250
/ 4 credits / Every semester
Designed to analyze leadership in contemporary society. Students examine how leadership can affect society, using leadership skills through a variety of frameworks. Through guided leadership self-assessments, exploration of values, and the application of leadership skills, students develop, produce, and present a full definition of leadership in the external environment.
Offered through the Office of Community Engagement.

Updated Feb. 5, 2016

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