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"I pledge to become aware of and consider the social and environmental consequences of my own actions and those that occur in my workplace. I will make efforts to improve these aspects as an individual and as a member of the organization for which I work."


What is the Graduation Pledge? The graduation pledge is your overt expression, at the Purchase College Commencement ceremony, to support and pledge to contribute to the cooperative effort to build responsible citizenship for a sustainable world.  Students, faculty and staff who participate sign and keep a wallet-size card stating the pledge.  Prior to the start of the ceremony, you will receive a green ribbon to pin on your gown, as a display of your commitment.  Wearing a ribbon makes a public statement of you intent to consider the social and environmental well-being of the world and its inhabitants.

How do I know if I should take the pledge? Determine What Social Responsibility Means To You! According to the pledge, social responsibility is self-determined. The Graduation Pledge web site, has information explaining social and environmental responsibility, including examples such as: believing in workplace accessibility for everyone, contributing to local charity and social change efforts, believing in the value of all cultures, using a production process that doesn't pollute the environment, respecting worker privacy, producing user friendly products that are reliable, and not testing products on animals.