sponsored research

Submitting a Proposal

I have a complete proposal—how do I obtain institutional approval to submit it?

The Office of Sponsored Research reviews all proposal packages for completeness, verifying that all applicable guidelines are met, and then submits the grant proposal. To ensure that all parties on campus are notified, prior to submission the “Grant Proposal Summary” form is routed by the Office of Sponsored Research.

Why does the Office of Sponsored Research have to review my grant proposal prior to submission?

Submission of a grant or contract constitutes a legal contract. Every application for funds has to be approved to ensure that it is consistent with the college’s strategic goals and is in compliance with the regulations of the sponsoring agency, Research Foundation of the State University of New York, and SUNY.

What is the “Grant Proposal Summary” form, and why does it need to be completed?

This document ensures that the proper authorities within the college’s administration have reviewed the funding application and approved its activities, use of faculty and staff, use of facilities, compliance with federal regulations, and budget. Therefore, making sure the form is filled out properly and on time is an important responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Research, since the document with its signatures is the main item that auditors look for when auditing external grants through the Research Foundation of SUNY.

The principal investigator or project director is required to present the form with the proposal, budget and budget narrative to the Office of Sponsored Research 10 days before the external application deadline. This deadline rule allows time for gathering the necessary signatures.

The Office of Sponsored Research recommends to prospective applicants that they discuss the project in advance with the various signatories, particularly so if the project (should it be funded) entails the PI giving up some of his or her teaching responsibilities to do the research.

What does the Office of Sponsored Research do to ensure that my application will be submitted by the deadline?

The Office of Sponsored Research is committed to meeting every grant deadline, and has the knowledge and systems in place to accomplish this. This includes:

  • Keeping up-to-date knowledge of varying types of application submission systems. Most federal sponsor agencies require funding applications to be submitted via electronic submission systems. Grants.gov is the overall system for federal agencies; however, many agencies maintain their own systems for grants management and allow some applications to be submitted through them.
  • Maintaining official documents that are frequently required in application packages. These include the:
    • 501c (3) IRS tax exemption letter from the U.S. Treasury Department for the Research Foundation of SUNY, which classifies the organization as a nonprofit charitable organization
    • 509(a), the IRS form, which certifies that the Research Foundation of SUNY is not a private foundation
    • the Indirect Cost Rate Agreement, a formal agreement with the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services that specifies the official federally negotiated indirect cost rate allowed within grant budgets.