sponsored research

Setting up an Award

What happens when I receive notification that my project has been funded?

The announcement that an award has been funded may come to the Office of Sponsored Research through various ways. These may include emails or letters sent directly to the:

  • Principal investigator (PI)/project director
  • Operations manager, Research Foundation for SUNY at Purchase College
  • Research Foundation for SUNY Central Office in Albany
  • Office of Sponsored Research
  • President of Purchase College

Typically, communications are received by the Office of Sponsored Research, since it is the “front door” to the sponsor and is responsible for communications with the sponsor.

After the PI is informed by the Office of Sponsored Research of the award, if the award amount is different than the amount requested, a revised budget, budget narrative, scope of work is completed. A “Grant Award Summary” form is also completed by the office to summarize the award data. While this is occurring, the Research Foundation negotiates the terms of the agreement with the sponsor, if needed, signs the agreement, and returns a fully executed agreement to the sponsor, and a copy to the Office of Sponsored Research.

When is my award set up in the accounting system?

After the steps in the question above, a designated fund is set up in the Oracle Award System. When this step is complete, an “Abstract” containing the designated fund number, all reporting requirements, and a summary of the award information is sent to the Offices of Sponsored Research and Sponsored Funds, and the PI.