sponsored research

Proposal and Budget Development

How can the Office of Sponsored Research assist me in developing a grant proposal?

The Office of Sponsored Research assists PIs step-by-step with developing a proposal and budget that strategically positions the project within sponsor agency goals. Because strong applications take time, PIs should call for an appointment as soon as they begin to think about seeking sponsored funds for their project. We will assist in conducting research, interpreting the sponsor guidelines, and developing a plan to get the proposal submitted on time.

Typical sections of a grant proposal include the:

  • Cover page
  • Project summary or abstract
  • Project narrative
  • Detailed budget
  • Budget justification
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letters of support
  • Subcontract information (if relevant)
  • A description of the facilities and equipment at Purchase College

PIs should also refer to Training Resources, which has further resources aimed at putting together winning proposals.

How do I put together a budget?

The Office of Sponsored Research will assist you with developing your project budget. We will help you cost out the various components of your program and understand how your budget can be developed to be in compliance with the requirements of the sponsoring agency, the Research Foundation of SUNY, and SUNY.

The Office of Sponsored Research has templates and other resources to assist with this process. A grant or contract budget needs to be reasonable, its expenditures need to be allowed under sponsor, and it must correspond to the activities that will be carried out during the grant period. Common budget lines include:

  • Fringe benefits
  • Contractual expenses
  • Equipment
  • Supplies and materials
  • Travel expenses
  • Subcontracts

The project budget is an essential component of an application for funds; it is often a determining factor in whether a grant is approved. Each sponsor specifies its own budget format and budget requirements. In general, line item budgets are completed for each year of the program, plus a summary budget for all years combined. In addition, a detailed budget narrative will be required to explain how each figure was computed.