sponsored research

Managing an Award

In general, what are my responsibilities as a PI?

Responsibilities of PIs and project directors include:

  • Reading all award documents and requesting clarification if needed from Sponsored Research or Sponsored Funds staff
  • Understanding the project budget and Research Foundation for SUNY policies and procedures for managing the grant or contract as explained to them by staff in either sponsored program office
  • The budget, including spending funds within specified expense categories contained in the budget approved by the sponsor
  • Review of monthly financial reports received from the Office of Sponsored Funds, seeking clarifying of discrepancies to the PI’s own records, and reconciling the differences each month
  • Managing project personnel, including following sponsor, RF-SUNY, and SUNY policies and procedures for hiring personnel and providing necessary paperwork on a timely basis to the Office of Sponsored Funds Office

Contact the Office of Sponsored Research regarding the following information:

  • How to find grant policies and procedures of the award sponsor
  • Budget change and extension of grant period policies for awarding sponsor
  • Requests to sponsor for budget changes or no-cost or cost extensions
  • Requests to sponsor about other project questions

Also contact the Office of Sponsored Research regarding procedures for the following:

  • Hiring grant-funded project staff
  • Travel requests
  • Buying supplies, etc.
  • Discrepancies in the Monthly Account Summary
  • Using RF-SUNY “Quick View” to access account information online
  • Terminating the grant award
  • Guidance on expending budget
  • Purchase requisitions, purchase orders, etc.
  • Timeframe of award
  • How to stay in compliance with federal, and sponsor guidelines and RF-SUNY procedures

Who assists me with budget expenses?

The Office of Sponsored Funds assists PIs with spending down the grant budget, and tracking cost sharing (if relevant). This includes employment and human resource issues, including payroll and benefits, processing payments, accounts receivable, financial reporting and other functions. Once the account is established, a PI should verify that the budget is correct, and use the correct accounting codes when charging expenses to properly control and monitor spending under the project. All expenditures related to the project must be incurred prior to the award’s end date.

Questions pertaining to the financial aspects of your project should be addressed to Avis Yeiser, administrator of sponsored funds, at (914) 251-6058. 

What if I need more time to complete my project, need a change in personnel, or have other changes?

If a PI feels that he or she needs more time to complete their project, they should contact the Office of Sponsored Research. A no-cost extension can be requested. In addition, all other changes, such as a change of personnel, should be requested through the Office of Sponsored Research.

When a PI and institution manage a grant well, sponsors are more inclined to provide support in the future. As such, PIs should be very careful to follow all terms and conditions of the award. The management of an award takes place during the grant period; this is from the date the contract begins until its end date.

How do I know when to report?

Once a new grant fund is established, the RF “Abstract” form is sent to the PI and contains all reporting requirements and corresponding due dates. In addition, the Office of Sponsored Research sends out reminders to PIs regarding reports that are due to sponsors.