sponsored research

Finding Funding and Identifying Collaborators

How do I find funding for my project?

Please refer to Finding Funding or contact our office. The Office of Sponsored Research subscribes to Pivot, a grant funding database that provides thousands of funding opportunities for various subjects, and is available for free to all faculty and staff of Purchase College.

We can also provide one-on-one training on identifying funding opportunities, publish relevant funding opportunities in Notes from the Provost, and continually monitor sponsored funding priorities through publications and emails.

Once we have a better understanding of your particular project, we can advise you of particular funding opportunities.

What organizations support Purchase College?

Purchase College receives funding from both government and private sponsors. Each sponsor lists its guidelines for what organizations qualify, and these guidelines should be reviewed prior to forming a proposal. The Office of Sponsored Research can also be contacted to provide information on what organizations have provided grant funding to Purchase College in the past.

How do I know whether I am eligible for funding?

Sponsored Research staff review grant solicitation guidelines for basic eligibility, including such factors as:

  • Are publicly-supported colleges eligible
  • Are non-PhD-granting institutions eligible
  • Are there any regional restrictions (example, the EPA is divided into regional offices, each of which announce their own grant programs)
  • Does the principal investigator have to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident
  • What kind of external collaborators are required, if any
  • What kind of match/cost-share is required, and size thereof, if any

If judged as eligible, the staff then checks to see if the grant program is a suitable match to Purchase College’s programs or the principal investigator’s research interests.

Note: Most sponsors that provide grants only fund 501(c)3 nonprofit institutions. The Research Foundation for SUNY is a nonprofit institution.

Can I contact a sponsor directly?

No, please contact the Office of Sponsored Research first to verify that others are not also approaching a sponsor, or are planning on applying to a particular request for proposals. This includes letters of inquiry, which also need to be approved prior to submission.

What are some tools to identify potential collaborators?

If you would like to find a collaborator for your research, contact the Office of Sponsored Research. It can use RF resources to find relevant researchers.

SUNYscholar.jpgAccess the Find a SUNY Scholar database. Using this database, you can connect with other SUNY scholars specializing in your area of expertise, or specializing in an area that would further strengthen your grant application.

openscholar.jpgYou may also want to create a site on the Purchase College OpenScholar site, which will allow individuals at other institutions find your information.

scholaruniverse.jpgAccess Scholar Universe: “With 2 million profiles, it helps researchers and academics connect with colleagues with shared interests while expanding their networks to include previously unknown people working in related fields or in other areas of the world.”