residence life

The following are prohibited in residential areas

1.      50% or more wall/door covering on any given wall or door

2.      Any ceiling decorations

3.      Bicycles are NOT allowed in any of the apartments/dorms

4.      Burning incense, candles, or any other open flame devices

5.      Cooking and cooking appliances (except a MicroFridge, coffee pot with auto shut-off feature, or hot pot) in residence hall areas. (this does not apply to apartments or kitchen suites in Outback)  

6.      Covering or tampering with light fixtures or smoke detectors 

7.      Drug paraphernalia as defined by the Community Standards of Conduct.

8.      Engaging in sports indoors (e.g. throwing or kicking balls, Frisbees, skateboarding, etc.)

9.      Entering/exiting the building through a non-designated area (windows, loading docks, emergency exits)

10.  Excessive debris, recyclables, and general uncleanliness

11.  Excessive use of extension cords or use of non-UL approved extension cords

12.  Firearms, explosives, weapons, fireworks, swords, bb/pellet/paint/air guns, daggers, exacto knives, nunchakus, or other dangerous articles or substances injurious to person or property

13.  Flammable substances (Christmas trees, lighter fluid and propane, paper decorations, acetone, oil paints, paint thinner, and flammable solvents, etc.)

14.  Gas operated vehicles

15.  Graffiti on any college property

16.  Hanging holiday lights.(i.e. rope lights, twinkle lights, or series of lights on a wire)

17.  High wattage electrical equipment (i.e., halogen lamps, sun lamps, air conditioners, etc.)

18.  Illegal, disruptive, disorderly behavior, excessive noise, unreasonable use of sound equipment, playing of instruments, drums, or amplified guitars

19.  Modification to the electrical, mechanical, or structural framework of the residence areas (i.e. screen doors, ceiling fans, etc.)

20.  Non-College furniture is NOT be allowed in any of the apartments/dorms due to SUNY fire code policy.

21.  Outside antennas and satellite dishes

22.  Pets, except small fish (which live submerged in water) in a tank no larger than 10-gallons  Should a pet be found you may be billed up to a $250.00 cleaning charge per infraction

23.  Refrigerators exceeding 5 cubic ft

24.  Removing screens from windows, throwing or hanging objects outside windows

25.  Smoke/Fog machines

26.  Smoking in any residence area, or within 15 feet of the building.  You will be billed up to $250 for cleaning/painting should you be found smoking in your room

27.  Unauthorized lofts, paneling or any other structures (i.e., track lighting)

28.  Use, possession, distribution or sale of narcotics, hallucinogens, or controlled substances (except as permitted by law), as defined by the Community Standards of Conduct.

29.  Waterbeds or any other items imposing unreasonable stress to the physical structure