Special Housing Options

The Office of Community Engagement offers a variety of special interest programs to meet the needs of our diverse community.  Students can elect to become residents in one of our Special Housing Option areas.  These communities are organized around themes and interests and occupy specifically selected sections of residence halls.  The result is an increased opportunity for individuals with similar interest to live and learn together.  For more information on any of these special interest programs, contact the Office of Community Engagement.

Special Interest Housing Communities for First-Year Students

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

This program is designed specifically to ease the transition from high school to college. These residence halls provide a special setting for all first-year students. This area focuses additional attention on the unique transitional needs of first year students. Special staff has been trained and assigned to work with our first year students. The FYE program is currently housed in Farside, Crossroads, and two floors of Big Haus. All first-year students who reside in these buildings are automatically a part of the FYE program.

Transfer Student Themed Housing

Big Haus residence hall will host the inaugural Transfer Themed housing community! The purpose of this housing program will be to look at creating an environment that is inclusive, academically focused, and to bridge the connection between students and the Purchase community. The Resident Assistant staff member hired for the area will work closely with the Orientation program and create targeted programs for transfer students. This community has limited availability and students interested should notify the Office of Community Engagement at to inquire about becoming part of this community.  

Learning Communities 

Learning Communities (LCs) are designed for intellectually curious, first-year liberal arts students who seek a deeper immersion into the Purchase College community. Focused on different themes, LCs facilitate close-knit relationships through academic and social connection: members live together in freshmen residence halls and take at least two classes as a group each semester. The faculty members who lead the LCs are available for formal and informal advising and a variety of events throughout the year. 

LLC's for 2016-2017 academic year will be announced shortly. 

For more information about our Living and Learning Communities, please view the following documents:

2016-2017 LC General Handout

Sign Up for the LC Listserv HERE

If you have any questions or would like to request more information contact:

Office of Community Engagement


Special Housing Options for Continuing Students

Gender Neutral Housing provides students the opportunity to occupy a safe space housing option that does not require all room/apartment-mates to be of the same legal sex. Students applying for gender-neutral housing will apply in groups in order to fill a designated room, apartment, or suite. All students in the group must individually meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the specific area in which you are applying to live. If this area is located with the apartment communities, then all members of the group must either have 36 completed credits OR be 21 years of age at the time of application. As a new endeavor, we will be designating a day solely for gender neutral housing in order to give more students the opportunity to select this housing. The date for gender neutral housing selection will be March 2, 2016. You will still be able to select gender neutral housing throughout the entire selection process as long as there is still availability. Please note that students in gender neutral areas that are not filled (rooms, apartments, etc) will be consolidated in order to open more space for students who may not elect to live in this housing community. While you do not have to select with a group, it is encouraged to apply with a roommate group to avoid being moved to another area.

Please contact for questions concerning this process. You may also read more about our Gender Neutral Housing by clicking HERE! 

Cultural Immersion Housing is for international and domestic students who want to live together and focus on a cultural exchange and programming around the same theme. This is located on J-street in the Olde apartments. You must currently live on campus to apply. Applications are accepted every Spring as a part of the Room Selection process.

If interested in Cultural Immersion Housing, then click HERE

PREP Housing (Purchase Residence Extension Program) is a housing option that provides housing over breaks when the college residential facilities are closed.  There is an additional cost associated with both types of PREP housing. You do not need to fill a group roster, you may sign up by space.  All spaces are apartment singles in Alumni Village.  You either sign up for full year PREP (May-May) or academic year PREP (Aug– May).  You will be assigned an apartment, matching academic year PREP together and full year PREP together.  We cannot guarantee apartment mate preferences. 

Graduate/Non-traditional student housing is available in the apartments.  If a student is at least 24 years of age, or a graduate student, they may choose to reside in this option. Apartments are available in all three apartment complexes.  You do not need to fill a group roster, you may sign up by space. 

Wellness Housing - The residential Wellness program houses students committed to a wellness lifestyle. Staff and residents develop programs that focus specifically on areas of Wellness including Physical, Intellectual, Vocational/Occupational, Financial, Emotional, Social (relating to Culture, Society, Family, and Community), Environmental and Spiritual.  Each semester faculty, staff and off-campus guests come into the Wellness housing area to lead discussions on holistic health.  Students in Wellness housing sign an agreement to remain drug, smoke and alcohol free. This housing is located in Outback.  Please note - ALL Purchase College residence halls are drug and smoke free, and all first-year residence halls are designated as alcohol free. More information about WELLNESS@PURCHASE

Single Rooms - The Office of Community Engagement offers a limited number of singles for returning students in the residence halls, as well as in the Olde apartments and Alumni Village apartments. To be eligible for a residence hall single, a student must have a grade point average of 3.00 or better. Students interested in an apartment single may sign up on the wait list the third week of the semester. Singles are generally not available for first-year and transfer students.