Residence Life

Housing room rates for 2013-2014

Residence Hall (by assignment)
Location Cost per semester
Residence Hall - Single Room $4,259.00
Residence Hall - Double Room $3,808.00
Residence Hall - Design Triple Room $3,340.00
Residence Hall - Converted and Temp Triple Room $3,086.00



Residence Hall - Deluxe Suite


Residence Hall - Deluxe Double


Residence Hall - Super Double $4,513.00
Residence Hall - Super Triple $3,958.00

Students living in the Residence Halls are required to purchase one of the following meal plans. Apartment residents may choose a meal plan if they wish, however it is not mandatory.


Residence Hall Meal Plans Cost per semester
19 Meals per week/50 Flex Points $2,095.00
265 Meals per Semester/85 Flex Points $2,195.00
240 Meals per Semester/110 Flex Points $2,195.00
175 Meals per Semester/175 Flex Points $2,195.00
65 Meals per Semester/850 Flex Points  $2,195.00


Apartment / Commuter Meal Plans Cost per semester
150 Meals per Semester/200 Super Flex $1,669.00
75 Meals per Semester/400 Super Flex $1,669.00
75 Meals per Semester/200 Super Flex $980.00
250 Dining Dollars $250.00

Apartment (by assignment)
Location Cost per semester
Apartment - Deluxe Single* $5,017.00
Apartment - Single Room** $4,907.00
Apartment - Double Room ** $4,465.00
Apartment - Triple Room***


* Alumni Village only
** The Commons, The Olde
*** The Commons only

Purchase Residence Extension Program (PREP)
Location                                                      Cost per semester
PREP - Single                               $6,104.00 + Summer Rate
                  if staying 12 months

Summer Rates
Location Cost                                   
Apartment - Double Room – Summer School TBD

PREP- Single Room (Alumni Village)


Please note that any change in room assignment may result in a different room cost. For example, a student moving from an Apartment Double to an Apartment Single will be liable for the difference in price. However, switching to the same room type will result in the same price.