Room Condition

While checking into your room you receive a Room Property Report (RPR) which contains a list of areas in the room and their condition prior to your arrival. Generally the RPR is accurate in depicting the condition of the room, however, if there are any discrepancies; please follow up with your Residence Coordinator within 48 hours of checking in.

Your RA does not assess damages, or quote any prices or conditions, but only documents what is immediately observed. Additional review of the condition of your room will be conducted after closing by both a Community Engagement staff member and a Residential Facilities staff person. If you wish to talk about any costs associated with damage billing, contact your residence coordinator.

Damages & Repairs

If damage occurs in your living area, you will be billed. Please keep in mind that all bills/flags must be paid in order to maintain housing for the following academic year. If you have graduated or left Purchase we must receive payment in order for you to receive your diploma and/or transcripts. To view your student account or make a payment, please sign on to the WEB via the student services link at


Damages that are noted after you check out can be appealed. You will receive an electronic communication via e-mail if such damages are found detailing what the damages are for, as well as the process to appeal.

Please note the following:

- If you completed an Express Check-out, you have waived your right to appeal any charges. Appeals will not be granted for those who completed an Express Check-out.

- Community Damages, denoted by a CM on your bill, are not able to be appealed. These include damage to a shared hallway, graffiti removal, etc.

Are my personal items covered by the College if they are lost, damaged or stolen?

Please not that your personal belongings are not the responsibility of Purchase College.  If a loss occurs (due to water, fire, accidental damage or theft, for example), Purchase College is NOT responsible.  We strongly encourage purchasing personal property coverage that's available at (, to cover your items.  You can also reach their broker that handles this plan (HF&C), at 866-535-0456 or and they'd be happy to answer any questions that you have and help you enroll. 

Please review the Property Insurance Brochure for more information: SUNY Purchase Property Insurance Brochure