Moving In & Moving Out

Move-In Day for New Students (Freshman and Transfer Students) will take place on Friday, August 26, 2016.  More information will be mailed to you in August about what to expect and when to arrive to campus.   

Move-In Day for Returning Residents will take place on Sunday, August 28, 2016. 

Classes begin on Monday, August 29, 2016!!

To best prepare yourself for life with a roommate, we've put together the following helpful hints.   Review the Good Roommate Guide (Draft Final).

Checking Into Your Room

When you check into your room or apartment, you will be asked to review the Room Property Report (RPR) which documents any pre-existing damage or wear and tear to the room, furniture, or apartment you are assigned. It is your responsibility to review this thoroughly, and you are allowed to add to this form before signing it and returning it to the appropriate staff member.

Checking Out of Your Room

Should you make a move during the course of an academic year, you must be sure to check-out of your room with your Residence Coordinator and/or Resident Assistant by visiting the Residence Coordinator Office located in the residence hall (Big Haus, Farside, Crossroads, Outback and Fort Awesome).  If you live in one of our apartment communities, please visit your Residence Coordinator in the Old Community Center.  During your check-out, you will need to RETURN ALL ROOM KEYS and have your room inspected for any damages.  Any keys not returned will result in a lock change. 

At the conclusion of the academic year, or when you leave College housing entirely, you must vacate your room or apartment entirely.

You are responsible for leaving your room or apartment in the same clean and orderly condition as you found it and completing a all check-out procedures.  Your RA does not assess damages, or quote any prices or conditions, but only documents what is immediately observed. Additional review of the condition of your room will be conducted after closing by both a Community Engagement staff member and a Residential Facilities staff person. If you wish to talk about any costs associated with damage billing, contact your residence coordinator.

Personal belongings may not be stored on campus during the summer. The College may dispose of any and all items left in the residence halls after the end of the academic year in May. The College may also dispose of any belongings you leave if you withdraw from the College; are suspended, expelled, or removed from the residence halls; or if you vacate your room for any other reason. You will be charged a removal fee for all personal items and furniture left in your room.

Keys & IDs

You will be issued an ID and room key when you arrive on campus. You may also receive front doors keys or a transponder depending on where you reside.

Lost room and/or closet keys should be reported to the area office immediately. For lost room keys, a replacement fee will be charged, the lock will be changed, and all impacted roommates will be issued new keys. The cost of changing locks and replacing room keys or transponders varies from building to building, depending on the number of students impacted. Failure to return keys at the time of checkout will result in replacement key charges.

A lost ID must be reported to University Police immediately. There is a fee for ID replacement.

Mail & Mailbox Combinations

If you live on campus, you will be assigned a mailbox in the Purchase College Mail Room.  The Mail Room is located in the same building as the bookstore in the center of the Mall, west of the Library.

To insure your mail reaches you in the fastest time possible, please be sure to provide senders your complete address at Purchase College.  This will provide easy, and accelerated navigation through the United States Postal Service, as well as sorting and distribution by College Mail Operations staff. 

Mr. John Smith
Mailbox 1000
Purchase College
735 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, New York 10577-1402