community engagement

Current Students Waitlist

Students who have been assigned housing and have withdrawn from their housing assignment will have an extremely difficult time regaining campus housing for future academic terms. We must first accommodate current residents moving from year-to-year as well as new incoming students who are interested in housing, before we can assign students  Therefore, it is very important to be sure that you want to withdraw from housing before doing so. The Office of Community Engagement wants to give everybody an opportunity to live on campus, and therefore, we may contact you at any time when a spot becomes available. Your room rate will be pro-rated and your balance will reflect only the time you spent in your dorm.

New (Transfer) Students Waitlist

Incoming transfer students are not guaranteed housing. However, in years past we have been very successful in accommodating the majority of our incoming students. The movement of our waiting list is dependent on the withdrawal of other students and we will assign students as spaces become available.

Students are prioritized based on the date that they completed their Residence License Agreement. Please note that our waitlist does also take distance from campus into consideration. Students who live outside a 40-mile radius will be prioritized. We may ask students who live closer to make travel/commute arrangements temporarily before we are able to offer on campus housing.

Study Abroad

Residents returning from studying abroad who had housing at the time of their leave will be guaranteed a space on-campus. We may not be able to accommodate roommate or type of housing preferences due to low availability of rooms upon your return. In addition students returning from abroad during a spring semester are eligible to be pulled into a vacancy for the spring by the remaining residents in that space.