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Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral Housing provides students the opportunity to occupy a safe space housing option that does not require all apartment-mates to be of the same legal sex. The Gender Neutral Housing Option brings together individuals as part of a welcoming and inclusive community. This option is open to all members of the campus community, regardless of gender identity or expression or sexual orientation.

Students applying for Gender Neutral Housing will apply in groups of 4 to fill a 4-person apartment. All students in the group must individually meet the minimum eligibility requirements for the apartment communities (either 36 completed credits OR 21 years old at the time of application). All applicants must currently live on campus or be on an approved study abroad program to apply.

Students who already reside in Gender Neutral Housing will be invited to reapply - the same rules for squatting will apply, that at least 50% of the apartment must be returning, they will have to fill their apartments, and will be allowed to be assigned back into their same apartments, or apply as movers, and go back into the pool of 4-person groups. These groups will still have to send a representative to an interest meeting and all members will have to complete an application!

The application process for new applicants Gender Neutral Housing for the 2015-2016 academic year has been closed.  Applications for the 2016-2017 academic year will be posted in January 2016.

Gender Neutral Housing Interest Meetings


Application process

After the interest meetings, the application link will be sent to the members of each group that has had a representative attend one of the interest meetings. All members of the group must individually submit an application for the group to be considered for Gender Neutral Housing.

Selecting your apartment


Some answers to questions we have already been asked:

Is this only for students who are members of the LGBTQ community?

No - Gender Neutral Housing is for any group of four eligible students who wish to reside in the apartments together.

Will applying for Gender-Neutral Housing increase my chances of getting a 4-person apartment?

No - 4-person groups for apartments will still choose during their assigned time slot, regardless of gender make-up. The order will still be determined by total number of earned hours at the time of application for each group.

I am not eligible for the apartments, but I really want to live in Gender Neutral Housing this year!

At this time, we are only offering this option for students who would normally be qualified to apply for housing in the apartments. We still hope to expand this program in the future for our students in the residence halls.

I want my roommate to be of the opposite gender. Can I do this?

At this time, since we are using spaces in all three apartment communities, groups will have to apply in evenly split groups in terms of legal sex (that which is designated in the student information system). We may, in the future, change this requirement, but this is the configuration for this coming year.

I am not a member of a 4-person group, but I want to live in Gender Neutral Housing.

In order to ensure that we are truly creating a safe environment for those students who choose to apply for Gender Neutral Housing, only complete groups are able to apply for Gender Neutral Housing.

My friends and I do not identify as LGBTQ - can we still live in Gender Neutral Housing?

Yes - absolutely. This is intended for any students who wish to reside in a welcoming and inclusive community, regardless of gender identity or expression or sexual orientation.