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Fort Awesome

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Fort Awesome Residence Hall is an upper-class student hall.  "The Fort" houses 309 students.  Each room is either a double or a triple and has a bathroom.  Fort Awesome Hall also houses the Upper Class Learning Environments.  One program- Service Yields Success- focuses on Community service and outreach programs developed by members of the hall.  The other program- The Sophomore Year Experience- is a continuation of the First Year Experience Program found in the First Year Residence halls.  Staff and residents in Fort Awesome develop programs that focus specifically on upper-class student needs.

Fort Awesome has a staff of Upper-class Resident Assistants who are specially selected upper-class students trained in Upper-class student needs, and a Residence Coordinator who is a live-in professional staff member.

Housing Rates 2016-2017



Room Dimensions


268 Square Feet


325 Square Feet

*Room dimensions may vary from room to room.

Window Measurements:
Room window 61.5" x 62".

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