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Farside is a First Year Experience (FYE) residence hall. It houses approximately 250 first year students and approximately 20 upperclass students. Farside offers suite-style living (2, 3, or 4 bedrooms sharing a bathroom and common area) and traditional double and triple rooms sharing a hallway bathroom, as well as single bedrooms for upperclass students.  In addition to providing First Year Experience (FYE) programming for all residents, Farside is home to five First Year Learning Communities, in which students take a block of classes together and live on the same hallway during their first semester. 

Farside has a staff of FYE Resident Assistants who are specially selected upperclass students trained to meet the needs of first year students, and a Residence Coordinator who is a live-in professional staff member.

Room Dimensions

Converted Triple

200 Square Feet


200 Square Feet


120 Square Feet


*Room dimensions may vary from room to room.

Window Measurements:
Room W=10ft, H=2ft 8.5in
Suite W=12ft 8in, H=5ft 4.5in

Farside Renovation Plans:

During the Summer of 2015, the F WING will be renovated.  The rooms will be painted, receive new floors and lighting.   Rooms in the F WING that have suite bathrooms will also be renovated with new bathrooms.  There will also be a heating upgrade throughout the E/F WING.

During the Summer of 2015, the E/F WING rooms that have suite bathrooms will renovated and a heating upgrade will occur. 

In the Summer of 2014, the following projects were completed:

F WING:  New hallway bathrooms and some suite bathrooms were renovated.

E WING:  Rooms were painted, new floors and lighting were installed.

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