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Big Haus

2012 11 06 13.06.50.jpgBig Haus residents represent the entire spectrum of Purchase College students. The Big Haus community consists of 400 students: 250 Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors and 150 students in the First Year Experience program. Big Haus offers a variety of living arrangements including suite-style living(2, 3, or 4 bedrooms with a common area and bathroom), traditional double and triple rooms sharing a hallway bathroom and single bedrooms for upper-class students.

Big Haus is staffed by a professional Residence Coordinator and Resident Assistants who are specifically selected and trained to meet the needs of first year students.

Housing Rates 2016-2017

Room Dimensions

Converted Triple

200 Square Feet


200 Square Feet


120 Square Feet


*Room dimensions may vary from room to room.

Window Measurements:
Room W=10ft, H=2ft 8.5in
Suite W=12ft 8in, H=5ft 4.5in

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