Information for Advisors

The Degree Progress Report does not replace the student's advisor or need for regular advising meetings.  It is a tool meant to assist both the student and their advisor with degree requirements.  It reduces manual record keeping of degree requirements and gives advisors more time to interact with their advisees.  The DPR is not a transcript, but rather an internal College document that is not intended to report academic achievement to outside parties.  The College cannot release the DPR without the student’s consent.
Both the student and their advisor should pay very close attention to the DPR and use it as a guide to avoid potential graduation problems. The academic advisor’s role includes more than just checking the DPR with their advisee.  S/he may assist the student with the various aspects of planning their degree program.  An advisor’s personal experience may also be valuable in helping students make good decisions about their choice of courses and how their academic program can relate to potential career options.  

All sub-requirements must be fullfilled (+) in order for a student to graduate.

If you are accepting a course substituition or waiving a specific major/minor requirement you must submit a Waiver/SubstitutionTo print out a hard copy waiver/substitution form, click here.

If you are accepting a transfer course as a Purchase College equivalent or in lieu of a Purchase College course, submit a Notice of Award of Transfer Credit form.

To report a course that is cross-listed, but not matching properly, or a General Education course that is not showing in the DPR, submit a Discrepancy Notification form.

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