Schedule of Presentations

Biology (SS 1001)

  9:00  Alexander Velez
Western Blotting Analysis of Caspase-3 Activity in Apoptotic NMU Cells
  9:20  Thomas Tompkins
Analysis of the Uptake and Removal of T2 Bacteriophage and IPNV Viral Particles by Fixed Phagocytes in the Digestive Gland of Homarus americanus
  9:40  Anatoly Golser
Phagocystosis of Rs by Trout Macrophage
10:00  Daryl Rampersad
A Survey for the Presence of Cycliophorans on the Mouthparts of Canadian and New Jersey Lobsters
10:50  Emily T. Griffiths
A Comparison between the Fixed Phagocytes in Environmentally Stressed American Lobster Digestive Glands and Control Lobster Digestive Glands
11:10  Michael Kaplan
Using Drosophila Hematopoiesis to Model the Molecular Function of Noonan Syndrom-Specific PTPN11 Mutations in Humans

Biology (SS 1003)

  9:00  Adriana Permaul
Identification and Quantification of Components of D. paulistorum Female Sex Pheromone via Chemical Analysis
  9:20  Chinedu Nwabuobi
Is Growth Stimulation of Rat Mammary Tumor Cell by Linoleic Acid Mediated through Modulation of PKC?
  9:40  Zenie Stanislas-Joseph
The Effects of Antioxidants in NMU Cells in the presence of LA and DHA
10:00  Veronica Spikener

Chemistry (SS1003)

10:50  Nwakaego Onuzulike-Onike
The Effect of Linoleic Acid on the Concentration of Ganglioside GD3 of NMU Tumor Cells
11:10  Allen Yang
Exploring Two Methodologies for Locating Carbon-Carbon Double Bonds: Acetonitrile Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Derivatization

Environmental Science (NS 1029) 

9:00  Beverly Leon
Differences in Bog Turtle Habitat Use at Two Contrasting Wetland Sites
  9:20  Christine Bruno
PCB and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Snapping Turtles (Chelydra serpentina) from a Bronx River Population
  9:40  Andrew Dorsey
Effects of Road Salt NaCl on Macroinvertebrates in Freshwater Streams in Great Swamp Watershed
10:00  Armand Lucas
Cytochrome CYP1A1 Expression in Atlantic Tomcod in Response to Toxic PAHs Exposure

Mathematics & Computer Science (NS 1029)

10:50  Nadine Marsh
Cellular Automaton: Simple Rules Can Generate Complex Outcomes
11:10  Diego Tori
Mobile Video Game Design with J2ME
11:30  Dayel Ostraco
Using an Advanced Run Expectancy Matrix to Determine the Efficacy of Station-to-Station Practices in Major League Baseball

Cognitive & Developmental Psychology (NS 1059)

  9:00  Kaori Germano
Are All Towers Built the Same? A Comparison of Two Tower of London Variants
  9:20  Nina Gottlieb
The Role of the Frontal Lobes in Temporal Processing
  9:40  Martin Fagin
Creating False Memories Using Stereotype Induction Materials
10:00  Katherine Rende
The Influence of Source Confusion on False Memories in Academic Settings
10:50  Willi-Nicole Claiborne
The Effects of Imagery on Divergent Thinking
11:00  Donald McCann
The Effect of Pre-Parenthood Education on High School Students’ Attitude about Child Discipline
11:20  Humberlys Galindez-Tovar
The Effects of Homework on Academic Achievement: Non-English Speaking Parents’ Involvement in Homework Completion

Social Psychology (NS 1001)

  9:00  Alyssa Dretchen
Objectification Theory: The Role of Sexual Orientation and Social Support
  9:20  Rebecca Cain
How Ideology Hurts: The Role of Cultural Ideology in the Experience of Self-Objectification
  9:40  Swayne Gray
Seeing Emotions in their Absence: The Effects of Facial Features and Skin Tone on Judgments of Embarassment
10:00  Nyeli Calle
The Power of Beliefs: Are Two-Year-Olds’ Perceptions of Emotions Influenced by Gender Stereotypes?
10:50  Lucrezia Alcorn
The Effect of Sexually Explicit Rap Music on Sexual Attitudes: Perceived Norms, Expectations, and Behaviors
11:10  Joseph Conerty
A Model of Social Antecedents to the Development of Musical Excellence: An Empirical Investigation
11:30  Lisa Tritremmel
Evaluating the Efficacy of an Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program for College Undergraduates

Social Sciences (SS 1004)

  9:00  Benjamin Harnick
That’s My Blood in the Gutter: Fandom and Identity in Comic Culture
  9:20  Tara Devlin
   Just Can’t Wait to Be King: Representations of Autonomy in Disney Animated Features
  9:40  John Lanser III
Does Immigration Negatively Affect Wages of Native Workers?
10:00  William Duncan II
The Chinese Road to Modernity: Economic Reform and Divergence from Tradition
10:50  Catarina Mattacchieri
Backwards in Heels and Women in Non-Union Construction
11:10  Erica Bushell
   Her Body Was A Temple: A Feminist Analysis of Self-Abuse in America
11:30  Anna Sargsyan
Independent Country, Dependent Women: Women’s Economic Participation in Armenia

Poster Session 10:20 – 10:50 AM (SS 1006)

Brett Bastiansen
Comparison of Bog Turtle Populations in a Sloping Seepage Fen and a Shallow Marsh
Stefanie Capraro
Mechanisms Underlying Implicit Association Test Effects: Stereotype Threat and Motivation to Control Prejudice
Kelly Catanese
Demographic Characteristics of Purchase College Graduates: A Comparison of Native and Transfer Students
Sidra Chaudhary
Creativity: An Analysis of Motivational Orientation and Reward Contingency
Jay Cooke
A Study of Recycling and Garbage at Purchase College
Travis Cox
Intellignets: Anthropomorphizing Collective Knowledge on the World Wide Web
Jaime Olivieri
Self-Objectification as It Relates to Sexual Dysfunction and Risky Behavior 
Amy Rosenbrock
Elephant Conservation: Is Sustainable Coexistence Possible for Humans and Elephants in Africa?
Anna Zheldukova
The Mathematics of Three-Dimensional Climate Models
Pia Antonia Landanno
Reclaiming the Self: Women and Body Modification

Alumni Lectures 11:50 AM – 12:20 PM

NS 1001 Janet Schwartz
  Psychology in the Real World: Implications for Health and Well-Being

NS 1059 Matthew Craddock

SS 1001 German Garcia-Fresco
  The Molecular Organization and Function of Paranodal Septate Junctions
Symposium Sponsors

Robert and Edith Fehr
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The Joseph and Sophia Abeles Foundation
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