Purchase College Winter Orientation 2015 Schedule

Student Orientation Day


Time                      Session                         Location

8:45-10:15am      Check-in/Continental    Student Services Building

8:45-10:15am       Purchase Fair         Student Services Building

9:00-10:00am      Registration                       Various Locations
                                    (Unregistered Students Only)

10:15-10:45am    Welcome                               Red Room

10:45-11:10am    Now That You’re Here           Red Room

11:10-12:00pm    Community Standards          Social Sciences Building 
                             and Title IX                                     

12:00-12:30pm    Small Groups                 Social Sciences Building

12:30-1:00pm      Academic Programming    Various Locations  

1:00-2:00pm        LUNCH                             HUB

1:00-5:00pm        Open Advising (For any   Various Locations
                             new students seeking
                             advising assistance/support)

2:00-4:00pm        Campus Tours (Leaving       O-Central: CCN Lobby
                                    from O-Central)