Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for Parent & Guest Orientation?
The pre-registration fee for Parent Orientation is $75 per participant.  The on-site registration fee for Parent Orientation is $100 per participant.  It is always best to register early to save money!


Why is there a fee for Parent & Guest Orientation?
The Parent Orientation fee covers overhead costs, including room rentals, technology rentals and fees, student staff salaries, meals, beverage breaks, and publications. The program is self-supporting and fees are designed to cover the costs of the program.


Are we allowed to bring other children or guests to Parent Orientation?
While we understand the want/need to bring other children and guests to Parent Orientation, we recommend that only parents/guardians attend.  The Orientation program is designed specifically for students and parents and there are no sessions available for siblings.  Any guest attending Parent Orientation, regardless of age, will be charged the full Orientation fee.


How do we register for Parent Orientation?
To register for Parent Orientation, please click on the link to the left that says "Register for Orientation".  This link will give you the information that you need to register for Orientation.  We recommend that you register early, as the fee increases if you register on-site the day of Orientation!


How can I communicate with my student during Orientation?
If you need to reach your student during the Orientation session, please coordinate a contact number or location with them.  If you need immediate assistance in finding them, please visit Orientation Central for assistance.


Will we have any joint programs with the students?
While there are schedule overlaps where parents and students are together, a good portion of the Orientation experience is separate.  We do this for a few reasons, the most prevalent being that we can tailor the information presented specifically to our audience.  We also want to highlight that College is a big towards being on your own!


May we attend Parent Orientation at a different time than our student's session?
Though most parents attend Orientation at the same time as their students, we realize this is not always convenient, and parents are welcome to attend Parent Orientation at our other offered sessions.  Please note that all registration fees still apply.


Is there housing provided during the Parent Orientation program?
We have negotiated discounted room rates at local hotels.  Please visit the "Accomodations" link to access the contact information for those hotels. 

Where may we park during the Orientation program?
We recommend that parents park in the W-2 parking lot by Orientation check-in. 


What if I never received/threw out my registration materials for Parent Orientation?
Call the Orientation Office at (914) 251-6332 or to receive new materials or to register by phone. 


What meals are provided during Parent Orientation?
Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks are provided on Day One of Orientation.  On Day Two, only continental breakfast is provided.  If you have a dietary restriction, please contact the Orientation Office at (914)251-6332 or


Why can't I get in touch with the Orientation Office?
Please be patient, as we are a small staff responding to a large amount of inquiries.  The Orientation Office is always staffed during our call hours.  If we don't answer, please leave a message and you will be called back.  If you call beyond those hours, we will respond to you within 24 business hours.  Our preferred method of communication is through email, so please email us as well!   


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