Dates to Know

Summer Orientation Dates

Session 1: July 16-17

Session 2: July 18-19

Session 3: July 20-21

Session 4: August 31-September 1


Parents will receive a letter inviting them to parent orientation by mail in late-May.

If you have summer plans that conflict with the assigned date, please call the Orientation office to reschedule at 914-251-6332.


Orientation Timeline


Fall Acceptance Letters Continue Mailing

Orientation Save-The-Date Postcard Mailed


Registration & Advising information emailed to Purchase email account

Orientation Welcome Letters & session assignment emailed to Purchase email account.


Final High School Transcripts must be mailed to Admissions


Session I: July 16-17

Session II: July 18-19

Session III: July 20-21


International student Orientation: August 26-30

Session IV: August 31-September 1

Welcome Days: September 1-2

Fall Classes Begin: September 3