Before reserving an appointment, please review the tutors' areas of expertise.



Angela - Writing, Journalism, AP Style and Lower-Level Economics Courses

Brandon - Economics and Math

Bryan - Spanish

Caitlin – Writing, New Media, Media Studies

Estephany –Writing, Math Fluency

James –Writing, History, Philosophy

Jasmine – College Writing, French

Julie - Writing, Literature

Kallan - Writing, Cinema Studies, Arts Management, Beginning French

Kathryn-Writing, Literature, Journalism, Art History

Milai - Chinese

Rachel – Writing, Sociology

Samantha - Music Theory



Tutoring Subjects

Art History-Kathryn

Arts Management - Kallan

Calculus - Brandon

Chinese - Milai

Cinema Studies - Kallan

College Writing (a.k.a. First-Year Writing) - Jasmine

Economics - Brandon, Angela (Lower-Level courses)

French - Jasmine, Kallan (Beginning French)

Journalism - Angela, Kathryn

Literature-Julie, Kathryn

Math Fluency - Estephany

Media Studies-Caitlin

Music Theory - Samantha

New Media (introductory courses) - Caitlin

Philosophy - James

Pre-Calculus - Estephany, Brandon

Sociology - Rachel

Writing - Angela, Caitlin, Estephany, James, Julie, Kallan, Kathryn, Rachel


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