Learning Center Testing Procedures

Exams are administered Mondays - Thursdays from 9am - 4:30pm (exams are collected by 4:30pm).

Please review the following instructions.

Testing Accommodations for Students with Documented Disabilities:

The Learning Center provides testing accommodations for Purchase College students with documented disabilities. Keep in mind that space is limited; please schedule as far in advance as possible (preferably 1 week in advance). All exams are administered by a staff member.  Please read the following instructions:

1.  The student should first retrieve a testing form from his or her counselor.  It would be a good idea for the student to obtain many forms to use for future exams.

2.  The form should be completed and signed by the professor and returned to the Learning Center, preferably 1 week before the scheduled exam.  Be sure to note the following information on the form:

  • Date of exam
  • Exact time of exam 
  • How much time the student is permitted for the exam
  • How the exam will be delivered
  • How the exam should be returned to the professor
  • Materials needed for the exam (i.e. computer or calculator)

3.  The exam can be delivered by email (learning@purchase.edu) or by hand to 223 Student Services.

4.  When the exam is finished, the student will return the exam to the Learning Center staff.

5.  Unless otherwise indicated by the instructor, the exam will be returned to the proper mailbox or office.  Please specify the exact office number or mailbox.

Make-Up Exams

The Learning Center does not administer makeup exams.  If a student missed an exam due to an emergency situation that is corroborated by official documentation, the student may contact the Learning Center to review possible options.

Math Fluency Exam and Language Placement Exams

The Learning Center administers the math fluency exam and language placement exams for Spanish, French, and Italian.  Please schedule as far in advance as possible (preferably 1 week in advance).

Calculators are not permitted for the math fluency exam.

The language placement exam is designed to assign students to an appropriate language level course at Purhcase College. 

Students who wish to enroll in a Chinese or Hebrew course should contact the designated language professor to discuss the appropriate course level.

Re-Take Exams

Students who did not pass the Math Fluency Exam on the first attempt may re-take the exam.  Please schedule an appointment in advance (preferably one week in advance).

Due to limitations of testing space and proctors, the Learning Center is not able to administer exam re-takes other than the Math Fluency Exam re-take.

Take-Home Exams

For educational and ethical reasons, assistance with take-home exams is prohibited.  If your professor has indicated that Learning Center assistance is permitted, please ask your professor to notify us about this exception.

Distance Learning Courses

Please note that the Learning Center does not administer or proctor exams for anyone who is not a Purchase College student. 

Purchase College students wishing to schedule exam proctoring for a distance learning course should contact the Learning Center at least a week in advance of the exam.  Due to limitations of space and proctors, availability for exam proctoring for distance learning courses is not guaranteed.

Academic Integrity

The Learning Center is committed to upholding and promoting academic integrity. 

Students are likewise expected to maintain academic integrity while completing exams at the Learning Center. 

Students must place belongings - including cell phones and electronic devices - in the Learning Center's lockers before the start of an exam.

Students may not receive outside help during exams.  The use of cell phones, electronic devices, and internet are strictly prohibited (unless the professor provides a specific exception).  Conferring with others during an exam is strictly prohibited.

If an incident of academic dishonesty is witnessed - including the use of a cellphone, electronic device, or internet during an exam - the details of the incident will be immediately reported to the professor. 

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