Proficiency Exams

Proficiency Exams
Language Placement Exams

Students who are interested in taking a foreign language course must take a language placement exam to ensure that they enroll in the course level that is appropriate to their language skills. Students must complete the exam before registering for any language course, and they must register for the level that corresponds with the results of the placement exam.

The French and Spanish exams may be taken online from your home computer. You will receive your score and placement level immediately following the exam. To take the exam, go to WebCAPE Foreign Language Placement Exam, select "Purchase College" from the drop down menu, and enter the following code: 1357.

The Italian exam is taken in a hard copy format and can be accessed here: Italian Placement Exam.  Completed exams should be submitted for grading either by fax (914-251-3994) or by scanning and emailing the exam to

Note: Professors will be monitoring their class lists to make sure that all of the students in the class have taken the exam and are enrolled in the appropriate level.

Please direct any questions to Professor Gari LaGuardia, head of the Languages and Culture board of study, at

Math Fluency Exam 
math fluency practice test is available on Moodle, as is the exam itself. You will need to enroll in this group (no key needed). 


Please note that students need to answer at least 20 questions correctly on the math fluency exam.  Consider signing up for a tutoring session with one of our math tutors before taking the exam. The language exams, on the other hand, test your current knowledge and abilities and can be taken without preparation. We have a small selection of grammar books available for your review, should you so choose.

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