Students may schedule up to 3 tutoring appointments per week in any combination of face-to-face sessions and Online Writing Lab submissions.  In-person tutoring appointments are 45 minutes in length.  Please note that students may not schedule more than one appointment with the same tutor on the same day

Tutors are not substitutes for professors.  Tutoring sessions are not substitutes for attending class, taking notes during class, completing homework assignments, studying, and seeking help from the professor when necessary. 

A student who needs help in a course outside of our tutoring subjects, or who is in danger of failing a course, should use multiple strategies for remediation including contacting the course instructor, attending all study sessions offered, meeting with the learning assistant (when applicable), completing all course assignments, and studying independently. 

For more detailed information, please review our policies regarding Appointments, the Online Writing Lab, and Testing



The Learning Center is committed to upholding and promoting academic integrity. 

Students are likewise expected to maintain academic integrity while completing exams at the Learning Center. 

Students must place belongings - including cell phones and electronic devices - in the Learning Center's lockers before the start of an exam.

Students may not receive outside help during exams.  The use of cell phones, electronic devices, and internet are strictly prohibited (unless the professor provides a specific exception).  Conferring with others during an exam is strictly prohibited.

If an incident of academic dishonesty is witnessed - including the use of a cellphone, electronic device, or internet during an exam - the details of the incident will be immediately reported to the professor. 



Students are to use the Learning Center facilities for tutoring and testing appointments only.  If the facility is otherwise unoccupied, students may seek permission from Learning Center staff to use the Learning Center as a quiet workspace (10am - 4:30pm, Mondays - Fridays).



Students who use Learning Center services and facilities are expected to adhere to Learning Center policies, observe the Community Standards of Conduct, and behave in a professional and respectful manner. 

Students who do not meet these expectations may be referred to the Office of Community Standards and may lose Learning Center privileges. 

If you have any questions about Learning Center policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at learning@purchase.edu or 914-251-3996.

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