Meet the Fall 2012 Learning Center Tutors!

Tutors: Psychology

Alex is a senior Psychology student from upstate New York.  He served as a Learning Assistant for Intro to Psychology and has experience helping students with a variety of Psychology classes.  Alex is interested in cognition, memory, and how the brain works and plans to go to graduate school for either Neuroscience or Neuropsychology.

Tutors: Sociology and Writing

Cynthia is a Senior from New York City, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. She enjoys helping people whether it be academics, personal advice, or mentoring through her peer mentor and peer advising positions on campus. Cynthia is currently working on her senior project on gentrification and has a strong desire to use her senior project to help her neighborhood fight against gentrification. On her spare time she loves to travel and learn about new cultures.



Tutors: Writing

Danielle is a senior from New Jersey, majoring in creative writing and minoring in literature.  She has had experience student teaching college writing classes, and loves helping students with essays and reading comprehension.  She's currently interning with a publishing company and loves the industry.  When she's not working on her senior project, Danielle enjoys photography and movies..


Tutors: Writing and Art History

Ella is a junior Art History major.  She is excited to be a tutor this semester.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, sewing, and riding her bike.

Tutors: writing

A Junior Literature Major, Hannah loves helping students analyze and write about most anything but especially texts. She has had experience peer mentoring college writing classes and hopes to continue editing and critiquing pieces as a career. In her free time she enjoys reading, making soup, and having philosophical talks.


Tutors: Spanish and Anthropology


Helena is a junior double major in Literature and Anthropology.  She is very interested in Asian cultures so for the past two years she has studied Chinese.  She enjoys reading, long walks, listening to music (k-pop), and watching Korean or Asian dramas.



Tutors: Writing


Hunter is a senior double major in Creative Writing and Anthropology.  In his free time, he tries to do a lot of reading, writing, and running. 

Tutors: French

James is a freshman literature major from New York City. He is fluent in French, and particularly good at sharpening conversational skills and pronunciation. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, riding his bike and watching movies.

Julia C

Tutors: Arts Management and Art History


Julia is a senior Arts Management major with a minor in Art History.  Her focus is on the visual arts, but after a semester abroad in France, she became interested in cultural policy.  She is a firm believer that ice cream tastes better in winter.



Tutors: Behavioral Statistics


Lena is a senior and is studying Psychology.  She transferred here in the Fall of 2010 and has since become very involved with several clubs on campus, including Hillel, Taekwondo Club, and Anime Club.

Tutors: Psychology and Writing

Lilly is a junior psychology major from Connecticut. She is passionate about algebra, nature, Persian poetry and positive psychology. Outside of school, she writes, travels, and plays for the Purchase women's tennis team. She hopes to have a career in teaching or social work.


Tutors: Music Theory and Music History


Matt is a senior Composition major at the Music Conservatory.  He has been involved with music since he was very young, and has experience organizing and performing in concerts in New York City.  He aspires to teach composition at a University. 



Tutors: Precalculus, Calculus, and Basic Math


Melissa, a senior from Long Island, is a Math/Computer Science major with a minor in Arts Management.  She likes seeing how the arts and business worlds intersect, and she also enjoys studying martial arts.

Tutors: Writing

Michael is from Connecticut, and is a Sophomore in the Literature program. Here at Purchase, he is the secretary of the Literature Society, a DJ at WPSR, a Peer Mentor, and a writing TA. He enjoys reading a wide variety of material, but focuses on Latin American and expatriate literature. In his free time, Michael enjoys playing guitar, recording, writing poetry, and swimming.


Tutors: Math

A junior Math/Computer Science major, Natacha enjoys helping others and rocking out at concerts.  She loves long car rides and sleeping in, and hopes to study abroad at the University of Toronto next summer.