Referring a Student to the Learning Center:

The Learning Center at Purchase College offers free tutorial help for Purchase students throughout the academic year. Please refer students to the Learning Center to receive supplemental instruction and learn effective study skills. We would be glad to submit a report, upon request, of the information covered during a session. We look forward to working with you.


Class Visits and Workshops:

A Learning Center staff member will happily lead a 15 - 30 minute class presentation on an aspect of the writing process, study skills, time management, or Learning Center services.   We will work with you to tailor a presentation to your particular class, or to assist you in planning your own session. Here are some possible workshop topics:

Thesis statements

Integration of quotes


Peer review / workshop

Writing concisely



Time management



Please complete the learning center workshop form and e-mail it to at least one week in advance of your in-class workshop.  Meeting with a Learning Center staff member at least one week before the workshop to discuss your students' needs is beneficial but not required.  We look forward to helping your students become more effective learners.


Recommending a Student to be a Tutor:

We value your recommendations here at the Learning Center.  Please submit the names of any students that you feel could perform tutorial services for your class.  Please note that incoming writing tutors serve as interns during their first semester.  If you would like to hear more about what tutors do, feel free to request an office or class visit at any time. 

Test-Taking Policies  
The Learning Center provides testing accommodations only for students who are registered with the Office of Access and Accommodations.  For information on testing accommodations, please visit our Testing Accommodations page.



If you have any questions, please contact Shinelle Espaillat: 914.251.3999


Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm
Student Services 213
5pm – 7pm: Library 0012A Room 1

Mon - Fri, by appointment
Student Services 213