Peer tutoring is a great way to refresh your academic skills, build your teaching skills, and add relevant experience to your résumé.  Tutoring offers flexibility; we work around your schedule to set convenient hours. During their first semester, tutors complete an internship for which they earn either 3 or 4 credits.  After completion, interns may be hired as paid peer tutors.  Both work study and non-work study students may be peer tutors.

In order to be considered for a tutor position, students must meet the following criteria:

- Minimum 3.0 GPA

- Minimum B+ average in relevant coursework

-  At least one faculty recommendation

- Enjoy working with different types of people and different skill levels


In order to remain in the position, every semester, students are required to:

- Maintain GPA and make satisfactory degree progress

- Attend training sessions offered by the Learning Center

- Demonstrate successful tutoring sessions

- Demonstrate professionalism

If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please submit a resume and a brief cover letter to